Saturday, March 14, 2015

year 2011,tahun kena tipu kiri dan kanan

Salam and morning to all readers all round the world tak kira dimana jua anda berada.Di hari  Sabtu  pagi bertemankan cuaca yang  teramat ler elok,untok berkebun,dan apa jua aktiviti di luar ..If only the whether stay like this forever,but wishfull thinking ler kan?.

Bangun pagi hari ni,sebab kena masakan untuk guest yg dtg dari San Francisco seramai 10 org,duduk di Paseo selama 3 hari and another 10 dari Iowa yg duduk selama 7 hari di Kirkland. Kirkland guest requested an extra toilet paper and paper towels,terberak2 kot,sebab jv masak nasi goreng kampung terpedas sikit masa dia org sampai.Tak tau dia org makan ker tidak,they must have sebab mintak toilet paper lebih.And Paseo guest tu org Filipina.

Jv beli rumah Paseo tu kungsi dgn another Melayu yg duduk dan kerja di Utah.Baik budaknya,kenal melalui fb di kenalkan by another very good fren of mine masa di New York Rosna Duni.She is very helpfull and kind hearted plus frenly,the very non judgemental kind of human being.Being with her I can be myself without worry being judge on my looks,or attitude as long as I do not insult others .Through FB I  met a lot of frens like Rosna Duni,which i enjoy very much. And my Paseo partner is Addie Zulkifli,another great partnert,very fair and honest.Since he is 6 hours away from me,we both agree that i manage the property as i see fit and any cost we will split 50/50. I have not been  lucky in partnership dari dulu lagi.Maybae i am too giving,too fickle minded i do not know.Its either I got scammed or got taken advantaged of it.its a risk i  am willing to take each time I joint venturE with another person when comes to business.But with Addie,there were no headache,no heartache,i shortlisted the property based on out budget,he came down and decided which one he like the most,since i have owned so many property o my own,I let my partner to decide which one they like,and what terms they agreed on.Most cases,50/50 cost,I manage for free and profit 50/50 if they are not local,if they are local,their job is to help me to market the business and answer all emails enquiries.I 'll do all hard work.So out  of 6 properties i showed him,he liked Paseo the most,its move in condition,2900 sft,on 12 thousand sft land with a pool.the price was 250K.Once closed,he let me furnished the house,its not because i am good at it,but we can't afford to pay other  people to do it..Other than the towels,linen and beddings,the rest are from yard sale or moving sales.Took me sebulan nak hiaskan rumah tu.siap semua upah another melayu 500 usd to ambik gambo and list it kat website.Business was slow at the beginning,but alhamdulilah sekarang dah mula pick up.But Addie has proven been a great business partner for me so far.

Kirkland was my 5th property i bought in was a fixer upper,really was fixxer in 1954 in an older neighbourhood. US was at the bottom of reccession,i was buying properties like catching a falling knife,every time i bought one,prices keep on falling,and Kirkland was one of them.the seller paid 498k for a unliveble condition,Bank owned ,and they ask for 99K,i offered 89K.and they accepted.The only thing i managed to replace at that time was the roofing,because i found a cheap clay roofing tile for 50cents a piece ,enough peices to replace Kirkland roof.With labour and material,cost me 10K for a brand new roof,saving me a 15K on materials.and at that time semua org tak der keja,so we got cheap labour.4k ,8 people for one week job.By then i was exhausted financially,because at the same time i was renovating another townhouse no far from Kirkland,that i bought for 50K,and the mexican guy i used took forever to finsh the job,

I have a mexican partner to help me with the renovating work,very skillfull and honest,but that is all.relying on him was such a headache,but i do not have much choice at this time as Las vegas full of telan jer ler pahit maung dengan dia. Most of my money habis kat Delfern the townhouse,total spent on that was 70K.kita bukan banyak mana pon duit,semua nya guna cash,simpanan pon terus kesep,in between,renovating townhouse and fixing Kirkland.masa beli rumah2 tu semua,jv buat deal dgn Hector tu,dia baiki rumah tu,i keluar modal,bila jual bagi dua untung after tolak all cost,but cikano ni ,tak tau apa massalah dia,buat keja either lambat siap or tak siap. Delfern tu ambik masa 5 bulan baru siap,bukan beso benor pon,stress kita di buatnya.Bila dah stress tu jv ambik keputusan nak let go of Kirkland. Reply to Craiglist add ,mamat Thai responded to the add.Nam dia Loy,anak dua,duduk dgn mak dan bini.

Dia rent to own Kirkland from me for 1000 monthly for 3 years,at the end of 3 years,dia beli for 135K.and agreed to renovate the house while living in the house.Hector was not too happy about it.but jv tak der pilihan, rumah tu tak bole kosong,nanti homeless bertapak,and kena saman dgn bandaraya,and  since dia tak setuju dgn jv,Hector tinggalkan kerja baiki Delfern sekerat jalan.By then jv dah bengkek dgn hector for being childish.Jv hire org lain to habiskan keja kat Delfern tu and start cari tenant.. And this is the year jv kena tipu left right and centre.Kirklrd tenant at 1st was ok,bayor sewa on time,and dia buat used car business, jv joined dia as his partner since he was looking for financial partner,tak banyak pon ,cuma 30K.untung 30/70.every car dia jual dia bagi jv 500 usd.For a while dia bagi jv every week 2000,but he worked soo hard,dari pagi sampai pagi,hardly tidur.With dia sibuk kesana kemari jual beli kereta,dia tak der masa nak renovate Krikland.and jiran selalu komplen dgn bandaraya pasal dia.Pening kepala kita di buat nya,but he worked so hard,I have no heart to pressure him on our deal.Pada masa yg sama,I kept getting unpaid tenant for Delfern,tenant asik keluar masuk bertukar.with the 2000 yg Kirkland tenant tu bagi for almost 2 years,jv decided to buy another house,walaupon Delfern tenant ada problem masa jv saja2 cehck online nak cari another rumah dekat Kirkland for sale,and I saw Kirkland was up for sale for 189K.and my name was there.So I  decided to call the listing agent. Rupanya2 Si Loy tu try to make a quick profit by selling Kirkland for which jv paham.and my heart said good luck,in that condition? and at that time thousands houses on the market for  cheaper and bigger.

So I decided to ask him,nama dia Loy,I  really like him honestly, and jv paham keadaan dia,i would have done the same in that position,I  know dia tak der niat nak tipu eventhough mualaf and Hector said otherwise.Guess what? when I went to Kirkland,they all have abandoned the house,sehelai sepinggang.and The marshal and FBI were there waiting round the closk for him. I was so shock and sorry for him.his past were catching up on him.He was trying to worked so hard fixing his past mistake,but time doest not permit him to do that.And that was the beginning of my Kirkland Headache. We call it the Drama House.More on Kirkland The Drama House later.

Got to go for open house next door,and gardening now. Meanwhile stay frenly,helpfull and humble please.Take care

Joyah yg di makan umur setiap hari

Friday, March 13, 2015

My motivational Memoir,Rubbertapers daughter,from Rubber Estate to United States

Salam and  Selamat pagi pada semua pembaca blog jv yg budiman.

Minggu lepas agak sibuk sikit,dah lama tak berblog,nak naik kan semangat tu mcm berat teramat.sejak berfb,ni minat dah berblog semakin kurang. but kena rajinkan diri,sebab jv dalam  usaha utk terbitkan buku pasal kisah kehidupan jv,dari kechik sampai sekrg,hidup dirantauan.

Dua minggu yg lepas,jv didatangi oleh kawan baik jv masa di Delaware.Nama dia Shakila Yaacub,dia duduk ngn jv sekejap buat research for her Phd dalam sejarah business Malaysia and America,we spent a lot of times together,chit chat,,jv bangga dapat kenalan dgn melayu yg bijak pandai dan tak sombong,sebab sepnjg hidup jv masa kechik dan remaja,susah nak cari melayu yg pandai ,peramah dan helpfull,but at the same time,times has change,there are a lot more smart and educated malays out there,They said  life is all about timing,and place.and with technology lagi ler senang nak jumpa dan berkenalan dgn org yg baik2,all we have to do just choose.and if we choose to good one,baik ler hasilnya.And I  have been lucky with a few exceptions,kenalanyg jv kenal di FB semuanya baik2 belaka.for that i am forever gratefull.

We had a good times telling story masa of it was about the beauty are on the eyes of beholder.Masa susah dulu tak terpikir yang , jv ni bertuah sebab dilahirkan tak chantik.Dari kechik sampai ler masa nak kawin.Mualaf adalah org yg pertama kata jv chatik.Masa mula2 tu rasa pelik sgt dengo dia puji jv,rasa mcm serba serbi tak kena,tersumbat telinga,jenuh jv korek dgn jari and tooth picks,nasib baik tak pecah gegendang telinga,if not pekak dah kot,mcm tak cukup hodoh,pekak ler pulak nanti.Dari kechik dan remaja sampai ler ke anak dara tua,all I  heard was just jv hodoh dan  tak chantik,dgn gigi jongang,kulit comot hitam berkarat sebab jenuh berjalan buat marketing,or the best org tak puji.Being human,we cry and dire for all compliments,if not all at least one,either being smart,or pretty, regardless from family,frens or strangers,and I  am neither,and when you are neither you are invisible.but if only I were to sit back and think about the advantages of not being pretty at that time.there were so much I could do,I guess when life was so so hard and broke,I was to tired to think all good things I can accomplish. So I was telling Shakila,it was good being ugly masa bujang,sebab tak der org nak ambik kesempatan kat Jv,tak der org nak ngorat,nak cuba jadikan jv pelacur,tak der org nak culik and jual jv and jv tak  berani nak mintak kerja jadi waitress.and because of that I  was able to push myself to the hardest instead of finding a short cut just to stay afloat.Kalau jv chantik,jv would try to be a waitress,could make me good money to pay bills,but I would not be able to recognize my skills in marketing and coordinating,afterall all I  was looking for at that time a job that only pays 400rm monthly to live confortably,and being waitress would just do that.Tapi sebab jv sedor diri ,jv tak ler cuba apply.

Minggu depan jv dah start tulis buku ,My motivational memoir,Rubbers Tappers Daughter,from Rubber Estate to United States,it'll take 3 bulan for that buku tu siap.Mula2 ingat nak suruh anak tiri tu tolong tulis,lepas pikir panjang,jv kena usahakan sendiri sebab anak diri tu nanti sebahgian cerita dalam buku tu nanti,details pengalaman pahit maung hidup dgn anak tiri omputih,selama 2 tahun.walaupon pertalian dah ok sekrg,tapi kenangan pahit hidup dengan dia masa kita muda dan dia remaja tu,nanti akan meundurkan balik persahabtan yg tak sekuat mana.

Nanti jv cuba update sekerap yg bole,insyAllah,till then,stay happy,healthy and helpfull please. and to those yg nak add jv kat fb tu,my fb is Joyah Vegas.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Salam and hi to all pembaca budiman.

Apa kabor semua? lama dah jv tak memblog,hampir 2 tahun,diam tak diam yer.Banyak yg dah berlaku dalam masa 2 tahun,anak2 dah jadi remaja,dah makin kena lagi prihatin,tak bole leka,mualaf dah jadi warga emas and jv dah masuk 50 an.Masa berlalu begitu pantas.Dalam masa 2 tahun,jv sempat beli beberapa biji rumah,started Vacation rental property,Catering, berniaga di pasor tani dan tutp selepas 6 bulan,,buka kedai jual granite and tiles imported dari Brazil and Turkey. Started Trucking company,ticketing,Class App System,and Freight Forwarding,and sekrg jv tgh cuba nasib nak tulis memoir and public speaking.

Dalam masa 2 tahun ni juga,jv sempat business dgn kawan baik,hilang kawan,entertained  tetamu  fb yg dtg sini,ada yg deceving,but ramai yg baik2 seperti dalam fb dia org.Jv kena tipu dgn business partner,turun mahkamah,naik mahkamah,sampai proscuter dan Detective omputih tu dah kenal suara dan rupa jv,sebab jv harrassed setiap hari for setahun,penyangak tu akhirnya masuk penjara for 5 tahun,jv dapat fraud judgement against another partner di California,block a few fb frens,and kawan fb makin bertambah.

Jv balik Malaysia for sebulan last year,tgk emak yg dah terbaring sakit tua,jumpa adik beradik yg dah 20 tahun tak jumpa,cuba menjalinkan pertalian saudara,and sempat jumpa kekawan di Malaysia yg  pernah duduk di US.Salah satu rumah kena rompak,tenant lari tgh mlm and rumah rosak teruk,hampir kena bina semula. And all these berlaku dalam masa 2 tahun.

So far 2015,tak berapa memberangsangkan,but its still beginning of the year,masih musim sejuk,insyAllah bila Spring bermula,business will be back to normal.Who knows,but life has to go on,keyakinan diri mest kuat,hati kena tawakal pada Allah,percaya  nikmat yg akan di bagi akhirnya..

InsyAllah minggu depan jv akak mula berblog balik,so till next week,stay safe,happy ,sincere and helpfull please

Joyah Vegas yg semakin tua.