Sunday, July 22, 2012

pengalaman as Marketing excutive

A.salam ,selamat pagi,tgh,petang dan mlm to all pembaca dan peminat budiman, Semuga hari ini lebih berkat dari smlm, its my sincere doa di hari dan bulan baik kita semua berhati dan niat bersih.Its 5.36 pagi di las vegas baru lepas bersahur, we all makan cerios jer for sahur,its hard bila dah biasa tak makan pagi, nak bersahur ni, si esah and Piah yg kejut kan kita org.Masa jv sekolah menengah dulu, arwah abah selalu yg kejut kan kita org bangun pagi sahur, and I think my late father was a malay version of my mualaf, He was a kind and gentle man, tak pernah dengo arwah abah meninggikan suara,always encouraged anak2 suruh sekolah pandai2 not main2.but because he was hardly around,i wasn't motivated enough to do well.I did not take the opportunity yg parents bagi to do well in school,infact I used it as a play ground, a place to be playfull,sebab tu I never blame my parent or anybody for my failure not to do well in my SPM,bila hidup tak terkapor2 ,struggling kat KL baru realized how important is academic qualification.Its a ticket for us to get to a better place in carear, whether we want to use it or not, is another thing, but at least we have when we need it.tak semua org bernasib baik to ubah nasib mcm jv, some just don't have the personality or ability to overcome the insults and the atitude that people around us gives.One thing I notice, coming from a poverty background,poor people see poverty as a way of life,not a problem,that is why they are okay with it. If  i did not migrate from kg to a bigger city, my life would still be the same continuing another generation of poverty,because of my guts to change my future,I was able to change my two sisters future, The very least when then came to KL ubah nasib, dia org tak payah bersusah payah mcm jv lagi, the very least dia org ada tempat mengadu and tempat tinggal to start with.Every help is important walau sekechik mana pun pertolongan tu.

Bila jv dapat surat yg gaji jv akak dipotong 30rm, jadi 120 rm, jv ambik keputusan berhenti serta merta,jv tak nak stuck kat office making 120 sebulan and not able to pay expensess. By berhenti, at least jv bole fokus nak cari keja full time, without any skill, it was a long struggle to find a decent office job, By then my englis has improved tremendously.Through malay mail ad, i got the advertising 2 weeks, evethough I was ready within a day, but they won't let me,because they think they really need to prepare me. they have 4 supervisor in that department, and 5 marketing like me, the supervisor sorng jantan melayu,cakap beso,berlagak, was there because of political conection,one indian and 2 chinese,all of them got paid 1500 monthly,and the marketing ad like us got paid on commisiion,and yet we were required to clock in and out. 3 of us quit after 2 weeks, I stayed and worked my butt of calling evrybody I can think of from yellow pages,and news paper, every developer I can think of. Having worked at QS help me a bit with some leads with developer.A few big developer were frenly and helpful.UDA was very kind and helpfull ordered centrespread for 2 circulation,dapat ler 600 rm each time. Lobbied for PKNS for 4 months,the director tu juling and jongang,very frenly, pegi office almost everyday for 4 months,,very promising tapi tak juga bagi order.Satu hari tu dia suruh jv jumpa dia kat Wisma YMCA kat jalan seputih on Saturday, I was so excited sebab ingat nak sign contract,dlm hati kata "Finally"Sempat pesan lagi,sampai sana,tanya receptinist,they will tell me where to go. Satu mlm jv tak makan, sebab ingat dia nak belanja makan,by then my wieght was around 90lbs, because walked almost everyday,tak makan,almost everyday makan roti ngn air kosong,so i was so looking forward to his belanja lunch sebab dia nak jumpa lunch time.He was a Directo of Co operate Affairs at that time.. Bila sampai bangunan tu, the recepnist suruh jv naik tingkat 7, kalau tak salah, jv ingat office building, rupanya hotel kat atas YMCA tu,bila jv ketuk pintu bilik tu mamat tu berlengging tak ber baju and just pakai tuala kechik tutp pinggang dia.Tersentak ler juga sekejap , then I saw pinggan me kosong, I was so sad and dispointed and asked him? "You have eaten your lunch?toya jer mamat to jawab "yes' and I asked him back and" you want to have sex with me without buying me lunch?An I assumed you are not here to sign the contract?He said "No,the contract I will sign in my office, right now lets take care of business 1st!
I told him,"No you take care of you business, my business is to get advertisers, then I walked out of that room.

I was so sad and crying all the way home,walked from jln Seputih to Keramat, Jlan yg paling jauh jv rasa dlm hidup jv sambil nangis,I was so hungry and sad,that was the time i wish i had degree, all i want was just a a decent lunch at that time,but that does not stop me from keep on trying In 2002 I was invited by MARTRADE New York to attend sales seminar in Atlanta. Masa kat situ I saw a few high ranking PKNS officer as delegates from KL.A few of them jv kenal ,because they all selalu lepak kat office that guy, they don't remember me,but I remember them very well.So I asked about that guy.they gave me his cell phone no,I called him from Delaware.Guess what, he remember my voice,and start lecturing me about agama,pasal sembayang and the rest,I have waited so long to tell him,what i have been wanting to tell, but i was so mad of my stupidity,never have the guts till i forgot.Then I told him on the phone"No2 you do not have the rights to lecture me pasal agama,you do not have the rights to tell me anything after what you are trying to do to me without feeding me, you jerk and bastard,you can go to hell,I wish karma will get to you for being hipokirts and selfish,if only you knew your help would change my life at that time.And this jerk has the guts to claim credit,that becaouse of him, I was succesfull.MasyAllah,I was just to speechless and carut kan dia before I hang up on him. When I told a few good frens about him, they all asked me the same question.'Would I have sex with him at that time?My answer was always"I do not know because I was just so looking forward to have decent meal at that time,was hoping and praying that he belanja me makan,for me to makan puas2,when i saw a fresh empty plate in his room,my heart just stop,i was so dispointed,I thought the very least if you want to have sex with some stranger, don you think you should feed them 1st?What a jerk!! So call muslim and melayu man!

Then I call my ex boss good fren, a prominent chinese arkitek,an old guy,in his 70s I think, His name was Lim Chin Sze.Ingat lagi nama org tua tu, selalu dtg office,and very frenly. He agreed to see me at Equitorial Hotel for breakfast.Bahgia rasa dapat makan breakfast,something I have not had for years! kat hotel lagi,seronok rasa,as usual I skip roti the day before.Was there sharp at 8 am, he was there already waiting for me with his big wrinkly face,diri pun dan mengigil.I ate breakfast masa tu mcm nobody business, org tua tu perhati kan jer, but i don care. after habis makan, sedawa and kentut berkali2 ler juga, perut jv pun terkejut gamaknya sebab tak pernah di isi sebanyak tu sebelum ni,org tu a tu pegang tangan jv and told me that he has a room upstairs.Innocently I asked him,'your office upstairs?bukan ker your office kat jln ampang?He giggles and said'No laa, is hotel room!! I said Oh" why?he said " he said if you want we can lepak2 atas katil! This time I came prepared.'I told him nicely,afterall I am gratefull to him for feeding me a very good meals, let me eat whatever I want. I asked him"Are you willing to convert and marry me?He said 'No laa, I am too old already to convert and marry you, and I am already married !! what am going to tell my wife? I told him"Tell your wife you are one itchy old man want to have sex with a young malay girl, because you belanja her breakfast! Tell her the truth, I am very sure, she will be so glad to give permission,but you have to transfer 1/2 of your money and asset to me before that.Terbatuk org tua tu kat meja makan tu, nasib baik tak tercekik and mampos atas meja tu!

Then I called a Southern Finance Indian muslim, agree to see me after office hour and took me out for a movie,Laa, mcmana nak buat presentation kalau pegi tgk wayang,But ikut kan ler desprate punya pasal, masuk jer panggung wayang, mamat tu dah lain mcm jer gatal dia, yg tu jv tak tunggu lama, cepat2 jv cabut lari, tak cakap apa dah, lantak ko ler keling, pi mampos ler ko DIY kat panggung yg gelap gelita tu.Then jv jumpa  the head of PR Kumpulan perangsang Selangor,lupa namanya, very nice gentleman, jv jumpa dia, buat presentation, for 1 hour, he was so impressed with me, and recomended me a job with an advertising com. Leo Burnet Advertsisng, masa tu dia masih baru lagi, punya baik nya mamat  tu, jemput jv dari rumah and drove me to subang to meet the CEO,David Teo kalau tk salah jv nama CEO tu, He offered me a job immediately, and I asked him,the job specification. Dia kata prepare a speech for our beloved Dr Mhathir, the prime Minister! terbeliak mata binti ternganga mulut jv.For once jv rasa org ada confidance and faith in me, too much and too high, and takut jv dengo nya,politely jv tolak sebab tak nak memalukan diri sendiri and the gentlemen yg rekomen  jv.That gentlemen gave me so much confidence in me,that after that meeting I feel i can do anything, nothing will put me down anything after that.He fed me and drove me home. Felt so good of myself after that. I wish I remember his nama, it was just one meeting but that meeting change my life, in a way I can not see.My life continue to be hard and dificult after that,nothing funny and happy for a few years .OK laa, its enough for today's celoteh, nak kena jirus pokok, kemas rumah, gi kedai cina and kedai halal hari ni. till then, take care and be kind frens!!! celoteh Joyah!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

cubaan utk mencari rezeki yg lebih

'salam and morning,afternoon,evening and night to all pembaca dan peminat budiman. Its 5.30 morning here in Las Vegas,and jv and family baru lepas bersahur, biasanya terus berjaga, tak tidur dah.Its my sincere doa that all of us senantiasa sihat,ceria dan di berkati selalu di bulan ramadhan, insyAllah yer! Hari ni jv nak bercerita pasal cubaan jv masa muda untk mencari rezeki yg lebih.

Jadi receptionist, masa banyak,the admin are typical chinese yg kedekut tak nak ajor sepaya kita tahu skill selok belok office.Coming from kampung without any skills,was difficult,luckyly able to speak a word or two of english,but able to read and understand very well.One good thing when I was a maid, the employer suscribed to NST daily,that I was able to read and asked her the vocalbulary yg susah2 tu.Masa tu banyak beno masa lapang,hidup tak susah mana pun. One way I learned english at that time was reading out loud the  NST(News Straight Times)kalau ada vocab or sound yg tak tau tu jv tanya dia org.By reading out loud I was able to know and practice my english sesorng, nak comunicate dgn org masih tak terbukak mulut. But duirng my recetionist days also I always ask the steno the right way to talk in english,that at least they were willing to teach me,nothing more than that, even that I was gratefull to them.Masa baru keja , I only knew a few sentences. Good morning Hashim and Lim, who do you want to talk to? and hold on please! that was all needed to be a receptionist. senang kan? padanler dia bayo cuma 150 rm.

Bila banyak masa tu, slowly jv cuba cari keja lain, ambik MC or cuti just to go for interviews, in between cuti and MC banyak ler juga interviews jv pegi. But time were so hard back then,and with ni skills and academic qualification was very difficult for me to fina a better paying job.Then i went through yellow pages to try my luck.Still remember very weill, one of the number I called was DL for assistant producer of Santan Berlada,agaknya dia tertarik dgn suara jv masa tu he agreed to give me a part in that drama as an extra, dai bayor jv 120rm seminggu, banyak tu, lumayan rasa, the 1st thing I did dapat duit tu, beli seluat dlm,dgn bra,kat chow kit,sebab sebelum tu jv pakai sport short masa sekolah menengah yg dah reput tu,it was so uncomfortable.Then pegi waron makan puas2,with that extra 120, jv enrolled my self to take a part time class in secretary course at Bedford college kat Jalan Bandar masa tu.Never felt so mewah like that before, with that money also I was able to have breakkfast and lunch,bukan susah pun jadi extras tu,just appear as a restoran customer for sejam then dapat cash, tahan ler 4 bulan.

The Asst producer start tunjuk minat kat jv, baik mamat tu, tapi masa tu jv tak pikir pasal boyfren,but i needed the money to help me,without that life was hard for me.Dia jemput jv dgn motor srambler dia,and hanto jv balik,dapat ler sikit tgk2 tempat, tgk RTM mana rupa, kalau tak tak tau tu semua, not that jv teringin, but it was good for me, tak yah ler menunggu kat bust stop to spend time sebab no where to go.dia bawak gi makan,tgk wayang sebelum hanto balik, it was every weekend,it was a relief for a while.Then he started to get closer keep on hinted to take me to see the parents. Ingat lagi bila naik motor dia tu jv letak big folder tgh2 supaya bila dia selekoh or break agency, dada jv tak berlaga ngn badan dia.Masa tu masih innocent,As much as I wanted to hold on to the extra money,i started to feel rimas and tak elok bagi mamat tu harapan and used him,As i expected, my 120 rm weekly ended the moment I told him I am not ready to date.. There goes my extra income, nasib baik sempat saved total 1000rm. kaya benor rasa masa tu.

Of all interview jv pegi there were fews yg jv remembered the most.Kat Malaysia nak mintak keja kena jawab soalan yg bukan2, yg tak related dgn keja yg kita , kerja mak bapak,beramai adik beradik,income dia org, and kelulusan sekolah tu dah mesti. punya ler banyak jer interview yg jv pegi, tak satu pun dapat.then ada satu insurance company ni advertised on front page.Its Oriental insurance, cari receptionist, bayo gaji 400rm, banyak tu,all this while isi borang answering the truth, tak pernah dapat, I wanted the job so badly,i decided to lie in the application form about my parents occupation.Tak ingat apa jv tulis,but I know, jv tak tulis keja mak penoreh getah and abah pemandu lori. Bila the chinese interviewed me, dia tanya,apa keja mak and abah,Jv tak terpikir ler dia akan tanya soalan tu,and terlupa apa yg jv isi kat borang tu,jv kata mak typist and abah cikgu, rasanyler kot,jv tak ingat dah lama benor, what ever it was,memang jv bohong masa jawab soalan tu. The officer tu tgk borng yg ada depan mata tu and told me"but that is not what you wrote here!Jv tanya ler balik china mata sepet ,dgn cermin mata beso tu"Really? what did i write there? while my hand try to grab the form from his hand nak tgk!but china tu sempat tarik balik dari tgn jv sebelum jv sempat tgk apa yg jv tulis. Sad to say I left the place with huge disspointment.After that my life back to struggling again.

If before gaji 150 rm tu just ngam2,this time jv mengelabah sikit sebab I have enrolled for night classes,Lepas keja jv kena jln all the way to Jln Bandar and attend the class and walked back to Keramat,It was a long walk back then comes to think about it.Feeling so tired jln back and forth, i was not able to pay attention lansung apa yg cikgu ajor,typing,shorhands,marketing and office management,mata dah blur,telinga dah tersumbat,bila masuk kelas tu,tapi jv pegi juga habis kan kursus tu for one year, Sat for the test,and failed miserably,there goes my secreterial cert.Have to settle for a receptionist till when,Allah knew only.Then there was interview, required me to list down my acedemic qualification from seekolah rendah to the highest.sikit punya beso colum tu jv ingat.Dlm hati kata,'aku punya qualification 3 jer, sekola rendh and SPM,and SRP.
During interview tu mamat tu tanya jv"You masuk U?Jv kata masuk"masuk! then dia tanya 'You buat apa masuk U tu? Jv kata 'Beli air tebu! dia kata"What do you mean" jv kata masuk U masa pesta konvo,sebab boss bawak  masa tu jv keja org gaji!dia angguk kepala.Then dia kata 'mana copy of your SPM cert? JV kata"Dah buang? dia tanya balik"why buang?masa tu jv dah naik baran dah. rasa nak ku rogol jer china ni, tapi tak der nafsu masa tu, nasib baik cina tu, kalau tak kan dah jadi mangsa rogol gadis melayu masa tu.
Then jv tenong dia and told him" china,Tew Na Seng you, celakA punya cina,I wrote there SPM pangkat 3, you think I lied?you think I would framed it and carry every where? there are so many people out there with a degree,and my SPM cert pangkat 3 tu worthless, sapa mau tgk? lu gila ker? Bodoh punya cina tak cebok!! ternganga cina tu! then I walked away.

So i was back to a 150 rm job,jv cuba2 ler juga nak bodek cina2 kat office tu, sekali tu musim rambutan,jv balik kg, mak ngn abah dah petik rambutan seguni for me to bawak gi office,masa tu jv tak pernah keluar mana lagi,jv ingat rambutan KL tak berbulu, jv malu nak bawak rambutan tu pegi office sebab berbulu,jadi jv mintak tolong ngn keluarga cukur bulu rambutan tu,berjam2 ler juga gotong royong cukur bulu rambutan dgn pisau cukur tu, sampai birat hujung jari kena getah rambutan,semua tolong kecuali mak,bila jv suruh mak tolong, mak jerit kat jv"banyak chantik ko, bulu aku , aku tak cukur, nak suruh aku cukur bulu rambutan pulak?Bayang kan cukur bulu rambutan tu sampai gondol,bukan sebiji dua, seguni lagi,Esoknya jv heret ler seguni rambutan gondol tu, dari kg ke bus stop the kerumah.Next morning tak kan nak jln kaki,nak heret seguni rambutan, kena ler naik bus mini,bengkek jer the bus passenger masa tu,bila sampai office, jv buka guni tu, laa hodoh bebenor rupa rambutan yg gondol yg penat jv cukur tu,Toya jer jv offer kat cina admin tu,cina tu terperanjat tgk rambutan tu kecut semcm, and bila jv bagi tau sebabnya, cina tu cakap ngn jv"Lu gila punya org! Pas tu serik dah, tak der dah  nak bodek sesapa, and for a few years ler juga jv tak balik kg sebab tak mampu.

Then new year came, the office announced pay cut. My take home was 150, i was already almost minus at that time, and they cut another 20 rm from my pay, stuck in the office for 8 hours a day, tak leh buat apa, jv jadi gabra,tak tau apa lagi nak buat,Then jv dapat keja as a advertising executive, selling ad space for Berita Hartanh, the only property magazine published by SK Brothers at that time. No pay ,commission base only, dia
 org bagi 15% commision for every ad jv sold. Decided to berhenti keja receptionist tu and took that job. ingat senang, rupanya lagi susah hidup, if keja recept ada gaji walaupun sikit, bole ler bayor sewa,Keja ni jv kena buat marketing, collection, delivaries distribution and mcm2 lagi, kena clock in and out, and buat report.job description was to approach homeowner yg nak jual rumah suruh dia advertise dlm magazine tu. its free, jv kena ambik gambo and develop guna duit sendiri, the Company cuma bagi platform jer.Man!! I tell you that was one tough job.Seumur hidup jarang bergambor, pegang camera pun tak pernah,ni nak kena ambik gambo,bior beno sikit, tapi terdesak punya pasal jv took the job.Nasib baik ada saving 1000 rm masa tu, tu ler yg jv guna tanggung diri sementara nak dapat sales.Ingat lagi satu rumah jv guna 3 rolls of filem,tak pernah dapat ambik gambo the whole house,always, tiang ler, tingkat ler, every corner of the house jv ambik except the whole house, the 1st month tu dapat closed satu deal jer,dapat ler 30 tooks 3 moths to get the commision,by the time the homeowner agree with the artwork and everything, 3 bulan baru dapat,tu pun kalau dia org bayo,Then jv start tak bayo sewa, balik tgh mlm pamjat balcony belakang, tak berani masuk ikut pintu depan, tak nak tuan rumah tunggu, dah mcm pencuri, memang mencuri pun rasany, tapi nak buat mcm mana, hidup terdesak.4 5 bulan ler juga jv keja advertising Ex tu!.

Ok ler, cukup ler setakat ni jv berceloteh, nanti kalau tak penat jv sambung semula,till then, be safe, stay positif and be generous frens!! Celoteh Joyah Vegas

Friday, July 20, 2012

My housemates

A'salam,selamat tghhari,mlm dan pagi to all pembaca budiman,JV nak ucapkan selamat berpuasa to all muslim,semuga Ramadan kali ini lebih bermakna dari tahun2 sebelumnya.InsyAllah. Bulan puasa , jv jaeang sekali 2sahur, kalau sahurpun stakat seteguk air or sesudu dua cereal,kalau hari2 biasa pun jv tak makan pagi, cuma makan pukul 4 ptg, inikan pulak ler bula puasa nak kena makan pukul 4 to 5 pagi, tak terbuka mulut , nasib baik ler kenangkan anak2 dara yg so excited nak berpuasa, terpaksa ler bangun bersama dgn dia org, teman dia org sahur.One thing that I always remember masa kechik hidup susah dulu, segarang2 mak, she always bangun pagi kepalkan nasi , and niatkan and sembur utk kita org sahur, dgn minum seteguk air teh chap durian yg bungkus kala oren, Mak bancuh se koleh, tak bergula pun,kungsi 8 adik beradik, pas telan nasi  kepal ngn seteguk teh tawar tu then  kita org tidur. So jv ni kononya nak support anak2 bangun sahur,nasib baik dia org makan cereal ngn susu, kalau tak satu keja ler jv nak kepal nasi nak suruh dia org telan, ada yg tak puasa dia org nanti. Whatever it is, banyak kenangan manis masa jv membersar kat hutan dan zaman remaja bodoh dulu. The very least jv ada tempat berteduh walaupun bocor  sana sini. Kalau hujan,air menitik, jv tadah periuk,besen,cerek and cawan, apa saja yg bole capai kat rumah sekangkang kera tu.Masa hujan lebat le jv ambik kesempatan mandi ngn air hujan, tadah kepala kat hujung cucur atap bumbung tu, bagi basah rambut,then sapu ngn sabun cap kapak,then hulur kepala keluar,bila air hujan mencurah jatuh dari bumbung rumah , bila gosok rambut tu mcm2 ada atas kepala, daun, abuk atap,maklumler air tak bertapiskan,,jadi ler mcm shower org putih sekarang.,jv rasa tentu ada org putih nampak jv mandi masa dlm hutan dulu, sebab tu dia org invented the shower head. Kalau jv bijak masa dulu, dah lama dah jv apply patent rights,.

Hari ni jv nak sambung cerita duduk rumah mak chik tu, jv panggil dia mak ngah,kita org tak banyak bual, jv cuma dengo cerita dia jer, kekdg jv kesian kat dia kesunyian, dia terllalu sayangkan  anak perepuan dia tu, sehingga anak tu bermaharaja lela,Dia ajak jv main kutu,60 rm sebulan,for 10 people and ten months.gaji jv 150 rm sebulan, nak kata NO, tak sampai hati,tolak duit sewa dgn duit kutu, I was left with 30rm.tolak tambang bus 20rm,tinggal 10 rm.lagi ler kena ikat perut.but some how by miracle,I made it with that amount, tak pernah pinjam duit org, sebab masa tu tak kenal sapa pun.bila sampai turn jv dapat duit kutu, mak ngah kata dia nak pakai duit tu, so all 10 bulan tu jv bayor mak ngah 120 instead 60, then dia kata dia tak duit nak bayo,so jv halalkan ker.dispointed ler juga, tapi nak kata apa kan? org dah bagi tumpang rumah.Since then, jv tak main dah kutu dgn sesapa pun,buat penat jer.Mak ngah tu rasanya dia kesian ngn jv juga sebab anak dia tak layan ngn jv, so dia tolong carikan bilik sewa utk jv kat tempat lain.Yg tu jv kenang budi dia, I think dia baik hati, cuma tak berdaya nak tolong, her life was too consumed with anger and bitterness with her ex husband,so much so she can not look forward.

Then she heard my pak ngah"s another ex wife dotter looking for housemate , dia duduk kat Kg Baru, I was so happy to hear that sebab Kg Baru lagi dekat dgn pejabat, jimat 20 rm sebulan, I was thinking bole ler makan mewah sikit with that saving.Mak Ngah kata dia nak kena interview dulu.Sewa dia 50rm sebulan, rumah setinggan jer.So we went there, dia kenalkan diri and interview jv,we are suppose to be cousin,but the way she interviewed me mcm nak mintak keja pegawai. Jv jawab jer soalan yg dia tanya, dulu jv bodoh, sedor diri merempat, and so desparate nak cari tempat tinggal, so jv bior jer org tunjuk taring, kalau sekrg cuba tunjuk eksen, jv bagi sebiji.Jv ingat lagi very sweet looking, curly hair and fair skin.But i can sense kesombogan dia, during the interview. After a week ,she came back and told my mak ngah, she can not accept me as her house mate because I look weired and kg.I was not upset with her reason but more  dispointed of not able to find another place to live with my budget,so dudk ler lagi rumah mak ngah for another 6 moths kot until she found me a place not far from her house, just seberang sungai.So she help me pack, tak der apa pun, 4 helai baju kurung, seheali tuala mandi a tooth brush and a tooth paste.Ingat lagi masuk dlm grocery bag .

My 3rd place,rumah kedai, the indonesian old man and the very young wife was the owner,dudk kat ground floor, they ran a weeding rental stuff, business must be doing very well sebab dia ada mercedez,Top floor tu sepatutnya 2 bilik,tapi dia buat partition jadikan 3 bilik,Dia sediakan double decker katil besi, satu katil sewa 60 rm, no tilam, no bantal.just a partiton no doors,ada ler langsir buruk,and no fan.My mak ngah tak offer bantal or blanket pun,never bother to ask, walaupun dia tau jv tak der duit,duit kutu yg patut dapat 600 tu pun dai tak sebut apa pun.Throughout this journey, I never feel sedih,stress or takut, tak rasa apa pun.Maybe jv never expect anything from anybody,masa kechik tak expect adik beradik tolong bila kena pukul,bila merantau pun jv tak terpikir pun akan ada org tolong.the other two bilik lengkap dgn tilam ,bantal,and kipas, consider fully furnished, ada 8 org yg keja dgn UTM.Masa tu UTM masih kat jalan gurney, most of them gaji 800 sebulan, gaji jv 150.but i was the only one yg bole cakap roomate tu ada 2 org keja kilang, they made the same amount with overtime.all of them ada 4 bantal and one bantal peluk,there i was tidur atas tilam besi, with my baju kurung yg bawak dari kg as my bantal.No even one of them offer me their bantal.Bear in mind these are perempuan melayu yg pakai tudung, alim sembayang tak tinggal,lepas balik keja dia org ambik upah jahit baju, almost all of them, I just watch.and they just watch  me tidur atas katil besi no kipas,no tilam and no bantal, Few times,panas sgt,so stuffy, nak buka tingkap,nyamuk masuk, nak rasa sejuk, jv tidur berdiri peluk tiang katil besi tu,bila pagi bangun, leher kejang, ambik masa 30 minit ler juga nak pusing tengkuk pelahan2 tu.

There were 12 of us in that house, 9 dapur minyak tanah,8 of them brg semua masuk dlm bilik, my roomae yg keja kilang tu tak der dapur, dia org tak masak, cuma ada almari plastik dia org mangga siap,jv tak mapu nak beli apa2 kecuali dapur and minya tanah, sekali beli, penuhkan mangkuk dapur tu, the next day nak masak minya tanah tu dah kering, tak tau sapa, sebab dapur tu kat luar ,some of them jv tgk jarang beli minyak tanah, tapi makanan mcm ada dlm bilik, lepas masak dia org bawak masuk bilik and makan sesama dia org.One of the lady beli tv, sapa nak tgk kena byo 30 sen sehari, banyak tu for me, tak mampu jv, kekadg kalau jv nak pegi bilik air, her tv tgh on, jv jeling tgk nak tegur dia, dia terus tutup tv tu, and said tv hanya utk org yg bayo sewa, tak bayo sewa tak bole tgk.So jv acknowled jer ler, nak kata apa, dah tak mampu,buat ler tak mampukan.

There were times jv  lambat bayo sewa, jv kena balik pukul 1 pagi, takut terserempak dgn tuan rumah,lepas keja lepak ler kat bus stop,dudk atas bench tu, tunggu lepas magrib,isyak and tgh mlm,tgk bas dtg dan pergi, kekadg, cium bau durian, dari awal musim sampai ler habis musim, for a few years ler juga jv tak rasa makan bila musim buah, Seingat jv sekali jer yg jv mintak duit dgn abah 100 rm, masa baru2 sampai, sebab mak chik tu guna duit jv.Klau jv beli ubat gigi , tak sampai seminggu, kesep terus ubat gigi tu, jv rasa some of them nak jimat minyak dapur dia org,dia org masak guna dapur jv, berus gigi guna my toothpaste,mandi guna sabun mandi jv, and my syampo.tapi jv tak pernah tanya,jv asume and halal jer,

Kalau bulan puasa, mcm2 dia org masak, jv tgk jer telan air liur, bila dapur habis minya memanjang, jv stop cooking and mula balik makan roti, rumah tu tak jauh dari masjid keramat, every ramadan dia org berterawih, jv tak pernah pegi, lepas buka dgn roti ngn air tawar , tu jv terus tidur atas katil besi.At that time jv rasa hidup terlalu susah,sebab tidur atas katil besi yg tak bertlam tu sakit badan, nak tidur atas simen, sakit kepala, lelam I get use to it, tidur atas katil besi,So the whole ramdan biasan jv tak sahur, buka sebuku roti ngn air tawar. I do not know whether my puasa tu diterima ker tidak, jv tawakal jer ler.towards the end tu puasa was getting harder and harder for me,by the 20th day tu, badan dah rasa melayang semcm, mata pun dah kabur,sebab tak der protin dan zat dlm badan.Dah cukup ler celloteh hari pertama Ramadan ni.Stay good and generous frens, please. take care yer!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nak Makan Tapi Nak Kurus?

Nak kuruih tapi nak jugak makan kari nasi kandaq? Meh ler tengok video teman nie...


3 shallots - finely chopped
2 cups of Far-Free Low Sodium chicken broth (1 cup of broth has 15 calories only)
2 tablespoon of garlic powder (sodium free)
1 tablespoon of pepper
1 tablespoon of parsley flakes
2 tablespoon of paprika or chili powder
1/2 tablespoon of ground ginger
3/4 cup of Malaysian curry powder (my favourite is ADABI curry powder)
3 tablespoon of Low-Fat cream or coconut milk (1 tablespoon has 30 calories)
4 average size Chicken breasts which has about 360 calories (Use white meat if you are on a losing weight program because dark meat like thigh and drumstick has more fat in it. An average size of uncooked chicken breast is 3 oz. and has about 90 calories)
Sea salt to taste

Zaman Remaja

A'salam to semua pembaca budiman, semuga hari ini lebih ceria, sihat dan diberkati dari semlm, its my sincere doa that semua yg baca blog jv berhati dan berfikiran bersih, jgn sesekali ada perasaan dengki,benci dan kedekut dlm hati kita, Kita kena senantiasa ingat bahawa semua manusia sama,yg membezakan kita ialah cara kita melayan org lain,angkuh dan bongkak tu lah yg akan menjatuh kan kita nanti. Lusa mulim di amerika akan menyambut Ramadhan, its summer ,waktu imsak will be around 5 pagi and berbuka its going to be 9 pm the very least kalau ikut matahari kat vegas ni,InsyAllah, jv dan keluarga akan berpuasa seperti muslim yg lain.

1977,umur jv 13 tahun ,kedudukan ekonomy keluarga dah ok sikit, tak ler sedaif tahun2 sebelumnya,sebab harga getah dah naik sikit and hujan tak se akrab mana, less hujan more days to noreh, more days to noreh more gaji mak dapat, and abah dah mula bagi mak 50rm setiap bulan , so bila hidup tak sedaif mana, mak tak ler asik nak marah jer bila nampak jv, by then jv pun dah tak berapa hidup dlm ketakutan lagi, abang pun dah selalu ikut abah bawak lori,tapi kemudahan api air masih tak der lagi, but at least mampu had dinner every night.and pagi mampu bawak bekal gi sekolah.And mak mampu beli radio utk my 2nd sister, ingat lagi warna pink, pink was the color at that time I think, very light pink, everything seems to come in pink, from the tea set to a tu melekat kat telinga my sister  almost24 hrs rasanya, sebab jakun masa tu, tak pernah dapat brg kan?, naik pekak teling jv masa tu, jv naik fed up masa tu, bila kakak tu pegi noreh sekali tu dia tertinggal radio pink 4 segi dia tu, jv korek bateri radio tu jv buang, and tutup balik. Kita org dulu kalau dapat brg baru bukan baca direction,tokey tu tolong carikan station radio tu, sampai ler mati radio tu, tak berani usik takut rosak, punya jakunnya org dulu.Bila balik noreh the 1st thing my sister did, terkam radio pink dia tu, mcm hisap dadah, if my mother kaki hisap rokok, my sister kaki dengo radio,at least my mothers habit tak memekak, radio ni memekak jer.Berjam2 ler juga my sister tu gocang radio tu bagi bunyi,jv tgk jer dari jauh,tiap2 hari dia goncang radio tu bagi bunyi semula, kekadg tu jv bole tgk dari anak mata jv tgn dia lenguh, aman sikit rumah tu bila tak der radio tu, lepas seminggu, mak bawak gi kedai radio tu balik suruh chek apa rosak, cina tu pun sama bodoh agaknya, manual tu dah di buang, habis wayar radio tu di tarik2 nak cari apa salah, tak pulak dia bukak kotak bateri tu,berjam nunggu kat kedai radio tu, in the end,dia kata dia nakhanto ke muar, tanya technician ,jv tgk jer,tak kata apa pun.After a week, dia hanto balik ke rumah, dia kata tak bole baiki sebab my sister over used the radio,bila dia hanto balik dah tak rupa radio dah,tapi kotak bateri tu masih elok,tak der tanda2 mother dah mengamuk,suruh ganti balik, cina tu refused ,sebelum dia melangkah keluar baru dia teringat nak chek bateri tu, bila jv dengo tu jv terus terjun tingkap, tak nampak dunia dah jv lari nak selamatkan diri, habis muka lebam rempuh btg pokok.Nasib baik abang tak der masa tu,mak tak pulak kejo, jv terchungap lari sesorng mcm kena kejo hantu, bila agak dah jauh, jv berhenti penat, tiba2 kayu api jatuh kat atas kepala jv, rupa2nya mak jv tunggu jer ,tgk berapa jauh jv bole lari,bila jv berhnti dia baling ngn kayu, benjo ler juga kepala jv masa tu kena baling, berpinar2 ler juga.

Then umur 14 tahun, jv dah baligh, dah mula syok dgn boys kat sekolah,mcm2 cara jv buat nak get boys attention, tapi malu.Comes to think about it, memang malu, tapi jv tak pernah cerita dgn org except bila dah tua and berkawin, baru perasaan betapa bodoh nya masa zaman remaja dulu, pantang lepa dengo petua jv ikut sebiji2.Ingat lagi the 1 st thing jv buat masak masin, sebab org tua2 selalu kata kalau masak masin nak kawin, suka jv dengonya. So bila masa semua jv letak garam, jerang air pun jv letak garam, garam jantan lagi, ketulan garam yg besor ibu jari tu,nasib baik tak mampus kena darah tinggi kan? Bila mak minum dia punya teh susu, ,masin,dia kata"kenapa masin teh ni?,jv buat dek jer.Mak ok lagi, then jv masak nasi,bila mak makan dia perasan sebab semuanya masin,dari air ker nasi dan lauk pauk,1st time mak kata"ko ni masak semua masin, ko nak kawin ker?'jv tersengih2,mcm kambing,dlm hati seronok sebab mak dah tau jv nak kawin,masa tu jv 15 tahun kot,hoping kot2 mak bole risik, match making ker, ngn sapa jv tak tau, yg jv tau masa tu jv seronok sebab mak dapat my message, jv nak kawin,! Hari bertukar minggu bertukar bulan,jv tunggu mak merisik, tak der juga, every day jv increase the garam punya volume dlm masakan jv, almost a year kot, sampai last sekali tu bole nampak garam dlm nasi tu jv letak punya banyak nya sampai pahit jadi nya'agaknya last sekali mak tak bole tahan cukup setahun mak jerit kat jv"ko ni nak bunuh aku ker? masak masin bebenor ni?kena kejo jv dgn penyapu, cabut lari terjun tingkap,pas tu tak masin dah jv masak, tgk garam pun jv takut.Dulu jv suka terjun tingkap, sebab mak  suka duduk tepi tangga, kalau lari ikut pintu  depan mak, tak sempat lari jauh kena tangkap, kalau ikut tingkap,susah sikit mak nak tangkap.kekadng jv lari,nak escape dari mak, jv panjat pokok, apa pokok depan mata,tak pikir pjg ,jv panjat, sekali tu terlalu panic jv panjat pokok betik,mak goyang pokok betik tu sampai tumbang, ngn jv sekali tumbang sama,lebam ler juga peha kena libas dgn kayu api.bila dah tau pokok betik tak selamat, jv panjat pokok kelapa, , mak dapat galah,mak jolok jv, org guna galah jolok buah, mak jv guna galah jolok jv,yg tu jatuh sakit betul, dengkot ler sekejap,bila dah habis pokok jv experiment, jv lari bawah rumah, lagi senang mak jolok,then jv panjat bunbumg rumah,yg tu pun kena jolok,yg tu lagi senang sebab atap rumbia,, nakal betul jv dulu menguji kesabaran mak, kesian mak, dah ler keja penat, dapat anak mcm jv lagi kan?

Then, jv dengo mak cerita dgn my eldest sister, dia kata kalau kita nak org lelaki mimpi kita, sebelum tidur tu selawat,seru nama org tu then ketuk bantal 3 kali.,senyap2 jv buat,jv lebih kan lagi, buak aje selawat, habis semua ayat yg jv ingat jv baca,seru nama mamat yg jv syok tu sepul kali, kononya nak bagi mamat tu kow1 mimpi kan jv,jv ketuk bantal tu punya kuat nya sampai pecah bantal tupas tidur senyum sendiri sebab puas hati, happy fikir mamat tu gerenti akan mimpi kan jv.Esok pagi masa kat sekolah, tunggu juga kot2 mamat tu senyum kat jv, hampeh,mamatu perasaan pun tidak ngn jv,years later jv baru terpikir, how to know petua tu menjadi ker tidak,Dare to ask him> I don think so!

Then I did the most stupid thing ever,org kampung dulu suka pakai minyak atar tu,minyak org arab yg bau terlebih kuat yg bole tikam otak, jv nak cari minyak yg bole tikam kalbu, tak jumpa,minyak atar pun minyak atar ler,Jv perasaan mak jv letak sikit jer minyak tu bawak ketiak dia,less than setitik kot,jv pegi curah bawah ketiak jv,mak ooi,sampai migrain jv bau minyak atar tu, bau minyak goreng ikan pekasam bila dah banyak, bila sampai sekolah jv panic, sehari suntuk jv nyorok dlm toilet ponteng semua kelas,pas tu jv tobat terus, lantak pi ler, tak der jv nak cuba menggatal cari pak wer, sampai ler jv habis SPM.

Having done all the unthinkable things when I was teenagers, I can not blame my mother for having no patience with me,adik beradik lain tak mischieves mcm jv, semua ikut kata mak, kalau balik kg you all can tell that jv ler yg paling palyfull dan nakal,and and jv make sure my anak tak buat apa yg jv buat masa kechik dan remaja dulu.Satu yg jv tgk org dulu didk anak, at least my parents, mak tak bagi tau the dos and dons, jv kena guna otak sendiri,yg jv tau kalau jv buat salah jv kena pukul, even then mak tak bagi tau apa salah jv, kekadag jv terpinga2 tak tau kenapa jv kena pukul.I am not saying I am a better mother than my mother, but at least I know what not to do .. Kalau ada org or sibling mengadu pasal jv,tak selidik or tanya, mak pukul dulu,more often apa yg org kata tu betul,sebab every mother ada that mother's instinct kan?.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Bermulanya hidup berdikari

A'salam semua, to all my peminat if any, or pembaca2 yg budiman,Semuga hari ini lebih sihat,bahgia,dan lebih di berkati dari hari2 sebelumnya, it is my sincere doa to all of us semuga semuanya di permudahkan oleh Nya. Jv tgh sibuk bebenor skrg, sebab ada 3 foreign student kat rumah ni,and in between masa,kemas rumah and managing bisness yg seciput , and fb, kekdg nak menulis tak der hari ni jv ambik kesempitan nak tulis apa yg teringat sebelum sibuk semula utk esok.

My  1st job kat KL was receptionist di kedai video kat Ampang Hilir, masa interview tu jv kenal kerani kat kedai tu ,org Sarawak.The father was taxi dreber, bini dia tukang masak kat Yayasan Sabah, and 2 anak perempuan,one single mother kawin dgn drug addict and one baru 17 tahun. masa jv kenal tu dia org duduk kat rumah setinggan jln Ampang where Ampang point is now,sempat ler jv duduk dgn dia org kat rumah setinggan tu till they were moved to Ampang Putra. Masa keja org gaji tu , jv simpan 100 rm monthly for 3 years , dtg KL ada ler saving for 3K masa tu.Tak tau mcm mana nak buka bank account jv suruh mak chik tu simpan duit jv, jv bayo dia 60rm sebulan,tumpang bilik dgn anak dia.1st few weeks tu jv keja naik bas, then on the 2nd month , mak chik tu cakap dia terguna duit jv, cuma bole bagi 800 rm jer,Was upset, tapi nak buat mcmana, jv rasa terhutang budi juga dgn dia org sebab kasi tinggal dgn jv,so jv pun tak ler push sgt pasal the balance tu, jv tak ingat dia pulang ker tidak.Anyway, with 800 jer yg tinggal, keja kedai video tu the 1st 2 months toke tu tak nak bayo, realizing duit dah tinggal sikit, jv mula jln kaki, gi keja pakai selipor jepun,bawak duit seringgit utk tambang bas pegi balik,jalan kaki separuh jln, Dari Ampang putra, bertolak pukul 4 pagi jln and sampai Risda building pukul 8 pagi,then naik bas ke ampang hilir, 1st day,tambang bas jv masuk dlm baju dlm, yg beli kat pasor mlm di kg masa zaman sekolah dulu, semuanya dah tak mencerut lagi, tak nak tali baju dlm tu asik terlondeh jer, jv buat simpulan kat tgh tali bra tu.agaknya jln laju sgt menhayun tgn tak perasaan duit tambang bas yg jv masuk dlm bra buruk jv tu hilang you,! jv letak coins,habis  agaknya bertabur sepanjang jln ampang tu, rezeki ler sapa yg jumpa masa tu.So bila conductor tu mula jerit nak duit tambang, jv raba2 duit tu tak der, panic bukan main lagi,so jv lompat jer dari bus mini tu bila dia slow down,nasib baik masa tu jv suka berdiri kat tangga bas mini tu, senang ler nak lompat lari,nasib ler tak tersungkur,kalau tersungkur tak dapat ler jv nak bercerita yer.. 3 bulan kot jv keja kedai video tu tak bergaji.

That was 1984,recession was so bad, Mahathir baru jadi PM, fresh graduates joined goverment program gaji 400 rm jer,so jv join agency nak cari keja tempat lain,signed contract bayo 1st month salary to the agency,2nd week dapat keja receptionist dgn QS firm,di Jalan Lumut. Duduk di Ampang Putra,Gaji dapat 150 sebulan.congak2, jv tau gaji tak cukup utk naik dua bus,so kena continue jln kaki sampai bus stand Klang.,Kalau dulu jln sampai bgn Risda, kali ni jv jln sampai Klang Bustand.kekdg, kalau dah tak langsung duit tambang jv jln dari ampang putra tu sampai jln lumut.Masa tu muda kan, tak rasa penat tak rasa apa,for many2 months jv puasa, tak makan apa2 kecuali roti gula dng majerin yg 15 sen tu, jv makan pukul 3 ptg cicah dgn air paip,kalau kat office dapat kopi free,selamat sikit,bila jln balik sepjg chow kit tu dapat bau makanan pun rasa dah cukup,along the way jv nampak peminta sedekah makan nasi ayam, rasanya masa tu nak duduk jer sebelah mak chik tu join mintak sedekah, tapi tak der pulak mangkuk masa tu, there were times jv teringin sgt nak makan nasi berlauk, jv pegi warung yg self serive tu, jv letak lemak2 daging tu bawah nasi,cover cukup2 then jirus kuah atasnya, tunjuk ngn cashier tu dari jauh jer, takut dia nampak lemak daging bawah nasi tu, biasanya dgn air kosong dapat ler seringgit, kira mewah tu, tak mampu nak spent banyak tu selalu, 5 hari seminggu jv makan roti majerin dgn air kosong, that one was 15 sen.I know its dosa,consider mencuri and tak halal,but hey, masa kebulur tu tak pikir pasal curi or dosa,

Bila dah tak larat nak jln sejauh tu, jv start mencari pasal my uncle yg jv pernah dengo dari sedara mara, jv found my uncle ex wife,duduk di Keramat ,Finally dapat alamt dia and jv mintak tolong tumpang rumah .She agreed to help,At least dari keramat ke jln lumut tak jauh sgt,jln tak der ler berjam2 bole ler jv jimat seringgit sehari. Makchik tu ada anak sorang dah kawin,eksen nak mampos,jv tau dia tak suka jv menumpang rumah dia, my mak chik kasi jv sewa living room dia 60 rm sebulan, dia kasi satu bantal dgn shelai gebor,kena tidur pukul 12 mlm,and bangun pukul 5 pagi,I was so desparate at that time, jv terima jer.My makchik was a very bitter woman, marah dia to my unlce tak habis walaupun dah bercerai berbelas tahun,everyday jv kena tahan teling dia cerita ngutuk all my uncle wives.My uncle suka kutip bini,org kutip antiques or habuk, dia kutip bini,I can not say anything2 takut kena halau ,so dengo jer ler dia kutuk my uncle and all his wives.Her dotter is very arrogant bitch,I have never met anyone that arrogant,bukan lawa or berjaya mana pon, keja kilang texas instrument jer.but i guess she made more money than me at that time.Nak kat apa kan?

If people say,beggars can't be choosy,I was that true definition,1st time in my life I know what stress was,for unknown reason her dotter just hated me,every time dia terserempak dlm rumah tu she would rolled her eyes on me and pusing balik,entered her room and hempas pintu,  tak kopak pulak pintu tu, rumah dia org tu rumah setinggan jer,kuat betul pintu tu.I have to wait pukul 10 mlm, baru balik rumah, keja habis pukul 5 ptg, so jv dudk ler bus stop 4 to 5 jam every day, kalau weekends lagi teruk,keluar pukul 7 pagi dudk kat bus stop tu sampai le mlm, nak jln2 tempat lain tak der duit, mintak keja kat warung tak dapat, nak tolong free pun dia org tak bagi, nak duduk situ, takut tergoda ngn bau makanan pulak, kekdg sampai tertidur jv kat bus stop pasar keramat tu,selalu tersentak kalau bus mini tekan hon,most bus mini drebar and conductor kenal benor jv masa tu.JV tau the warong owner masa tu selalu ejek and made fun of me, jv ketawa jer .nak buat apa,sebab betul apa yg dia org ejek tu.Most nights bila jv balik rumah mak chik tu tgh mlm jv selongkar dlm tong sampah dia,makanan yg dia nak buang tu jv kutip makan, yg dah bercendawan tu, jv buang yg atas2 tu,jv makan, tak baca bismillah pun masa tu.Manusia kan? tahan makanan basi and buang dlm tong sampah, dari bagi kat org,sekali tu,jv leka mengali tong sampah tgh mlm tak perasan the dotter  berdiri cekak pinggang perhati,apa yg jv buat,dia nak bangun kenching, tong sampah tu dia letak kat tepi toilet,dia terkejut and told her mother yg jv gila.I never hated or despise anybody in my life,except for a few, she was one of them,I do not wish anything bad, but I am sure hoping for bad karma for her,at least for a very long time in my journey to improve my life..Cukup ler setakat ni celoteh jv yer, nanti bila senang jv sambung lagi. Remember frens, always nice to people,always be generous when comes to makanan.Stay positif OK?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

my siblings and I

A'salam, selamat ptg,mlm,tgh hari and pagi to semua pembaca tak kira di mana jua anda berada.Semuga hari ini lebih ceria,sihat and diberkati dari semlm, if not teruskan doa dan usaha,dlm islam kata doa tu bole mengubah takdir.Only God knows kan?

Piah ngn Esah baru balik dari rumah kawan, and Piah takut2 nak mintak kebenaran ikut kawan baik dia pegi Celebrities Hunting kat LA.Esah don realy care much,lebih suka duduk rumah berfb,JV kasi pegi sebab dia pegi dgn kawan baik jv, minah Iran,Iranian yg dtg sini masa the 70s and 80 kaya raya ,agaknya bawak lari harta masa zaman Shah Iran dulu kot.Piah tu baru 13 tahun, dah suka sgt benda2 mcm ni, masa jv umur 13 dulu radio pun tak der.Bila dengo nama Sharifah Aini tu mcm pelik benor,sebab nama kg kan dulu,Senah,Bedah,Piah, Peah,Esah, so nama penyanyi tu bila dengo nak sebut pun pelat.

Jv ada 12 adik beradik,2 mati masa kechik,satu mati umur 5 tahun,satu lagi mati umur 7 tahun,yg 5 and 7 tu mati keran demam panas,zaman dulu org kg tak pernah pegi hospital,rumah kechik kalau sorang sakit,semua akan sakit,Seingat jv 1973 tu semua adik beradik rebah kena demam champak, one by one survived but the other 2 tak selamat,I think they died the same year kalau tak salah.Sorang abang the rest semua perempuan,jv anak kelima.the eldest and second and 4 are kakak,never ingat jarak umur between sibling, the 3rd my spoiled brat useless brother. I hated him for so long,i hardly acknowledge him as my brother,he was my mother 4th sister,is my mothers reporter my 2 older sister just mind their own business,whenever they feel like beating me, they just did.

70s zaman melayu mabuk tgh filem hindusetan,termasuk ler my 2 sisters and my mother,Satuday evening dia org pegi pekan  tgk wayang hindusetan,All of them illeterate,buta hurup, Bila balik mak bawak sebungkus mee bandung for our dinner,dah bonyok semcm, but tu dah seronok dah, while eating ramai2sebungkus mee bandung bonyok tu, my mak would tell us in detail pasal wayang yg dia tgk, siap dgn dialog lagi,mcm real jer.Seronok jv dengo, masa tu ler terasa yg mak benornya sayang kat jv.Arwah abah balik sebulan sekali, bila dia balik tu, dia bagi kita org 10sen, jv simpan dlm tin susu paku kat tiang,sama ler with my other 2 sister, so kat rumah 4 tiang tu masa ,bole nampak 3 tin susu terpaku di 3 tiang,jv punya tgh2,Setauh ler juga jv simpan dapaler 1.20sen.Satu hari tu jv balik sekolah seronok nak kira duit nak beli buku sekolah,bila balik tgk tabung jv dah kena kopak,hampa yg teramat,terdudk sekejap menagis, tanya kak long sapa ambik duit jv, kak long kat mak,sebab nak tgk wayang,Nak kata apa, kesat air mata jer ler,since then jv tak menabung dah, everytime abah bagi duit tujv bagi terus kat mak,habis cerita, tak rasa hampa.Pernah sekali tu
sekolah ada exam, kak Long nak tgk wayang hindusetan,paksa jv cuti sekolah, jaga adik2, jv tak mau , kak long ambik tali plastik ikat jv kat tiang,, bodoh punya kakak,masa dia ikat tu ,bukan jv bole pun jaga adik2,Penangan wanyang hindusetan, sebab tu jv panggil hindusetan,benci  benor masa tu setiap kali new filem keluar. A few years after that abah bawak kita org pegi tgk wayang hindusetan tu, then jv perasan pelakon tu semua bukan cakap melayu, and mak jv tak tau baca, masa mak bercerita tu mcm dia paham bebenor jer,so bila balik tu jv tanya,'Mak,mcmana mak tau apa pelakon2 tu semua cakap? Mak kata"mak agak jer" laa,pas tu jv tak excited dah nak dengo mak balik cerita pasal wayang yg dia tgk tu.

Then my only brother,my mother's hope to carry her legacy, what legacy at that time pun jv tak tau,my mother didik dia mcm tatang minyak yg penuh, apa saja yg dia nak dapat, kalau makan tak cukup, jv kena bagi my portion bagi dia,kalau dia tak habis makan , tahan dia buang bagi ayam, while jv terkebil2 tak dapt makan, jv  kena hidang makanan dia, mcm jv hidang utk mak, kalau tidak kena pukul, kalau tak  dgn dia, dgn mak,,Kalau mak nak pukul jv lari , abang yg sekor ni tolong kejo and tangkap dan serah kat mak,almost pengsan jv kena bantai ngn mak,dia mcm mak punya body guard, mak menaruh harapan yg tinggi kat anak jantan sekor tu.Ada satu peristiwa yg jv tak kan lupa sampai jv mati kot, masa tu jv umur 10 tahun, jv masak pengat labu for dinner,dah lewat nak gi ngaji, so jv siapkan dlm mangkuk, tak sempat letak sudu ,then jv off pegi ngaji,ngaji masa tu mlm hari,jv lilit badan jv dgn gebor guni masa tu, sebab tak der kain sarong,baru turn jv nak mengaji, came my brother heret my lengan bawak balik, dia heret jv sepjg jln hutan tu,and pukul jv sampai tangan jv patah, while my mother just sat there and watch with all other siblings, he was so powerfull at that time and my mother just simply allowed him to do whatever he wants,its all because jv tak sempat nak letak sudu dlm mangkuk pengat dia,Mak masa tu suka simpan 3 rotan semambu yg dibelit jadi satu, sampai hancur ler juga rotan tu. Form my mother to my sister,just sat there and watch while I got beaten,I think sebulan ler juga jv tak bole guna tgh kiri jv, kalau tak patah, terkehel.yg ni everytime jv ingat or cerita, jv nangis,when you were kid,there is nothing much you can do to protect yourself,you rely on your siblings or nebor, if non of them not able to help you, what you have is only wish that nothing bad will hapen to you..I guess tu jer yg jv bole buat each time jv kena pukul dgn abang and mak.Wish!!

Then my 4th sister, tak cakap banyak, but one of my mothers peberet.She just watch me and report everything to my mother.then my younger sister,my mother peberet of all.Dia lembab sikit dari jv, takut nak gi sekolah, selalu cikgu pukul dia, jv ingat lagi telinga dia sampai berlubang kena cubit dgn Miss Wong, english teacher sebab dia tak bole jawab soalan, Mak sanggup dukung dia , dudk tunggu dia habis sekolah, punya sanyang nya mak kat adik jv tu. jv benci and jeles sgt,sekolah agama satu kelas, bila exam, jv kasi dia tiru semua,then dia dapat no 1 dlm kelas jv dapat no 3.Marah ler jv, betul2 tak adil kan?kalau tak kasi tiru, dia terkebil2 tgk jv,akhirnya jv mengalah.Jv selalu hasut dia buat mcm2 dia ikut jer,tapi dia ni pandai bisness,jv dulu tak pandai, jv nak cari makan jer, sebab tak dapt makan cukup kat rumah.kalau nak curi rambutan jiran, jv ajak dia,jv nak makan setangkai dua jer, dia siap bawak guni, siap jual lagi hasil curi tu.Jv ada team masa nak curi rambutan jiran masa dulu. kita org duduk belakang dusun pak Talib, jiran depan rumah, kedekut nak mampos,tahan rambutan habis makan musang, bukan nak bagi kita org.Satu hari tu,jv ajak my second sister,adik and jv gi curi rambutan,adik jv bawak guni, kakak bawak parang,and jv pegi berlenggang,Bila sampai kat dusun tu,  tugas jv to identify pokok yg mana nak curi,jv tunggu bawah while adik ngn kakak panjat and petik rambutan.Kakak jv panjat pokok tu dia tetak terus dahan rambutan tu, terkejut jv tgk,tak der ler plan mcm tu,yg lagi sedap tu dia dudk hujung dahan,then tetak pangkal dahan tu, Terngaga jv tgk dgn dia2 sekali jatuh ketanah,bersama dgn dahan rambutan tu.Then kakak tu heret ler dahan rambutan tu kerumah, sempat ler lalu depan rumah pak talib tu,siap angakt tgn lagi dgn pak talib tu,sepjg perjlanan, my adik petik rambutan tu masuk guni,jv petik masuk mulut, sampai rumah kakak jv dapat sebutir dua jer, badan dah calar2 sebab jatuh dari pokok rambutan tu,Bila jv ajak the 2nd time dia tak nak ikut, dia kata tak berbaloi,dng dosa and badan calar2 cuma dapat makan sebiji adik dapat dua guni and tak share dgn kakak,sebab dia nak jual hasil curi tu.jv dah kebotong perut penuh ngn rambutan curi dlm perut,mlm tu tidur senyum lebor sebab perut kebotong.Esok pagi hilang suara,sebab makan rambutan banyak sgt.Kakak kata dolat sebab makan rambutan curi. Tuhan balas.Bila ingat2 kan jv ketawa sesorang,infact asa tulis ni pun jv senyum sendiri.

Dulu mlm Jumaat takder kelas mengaji, masa tu kat kampung dah ada letirk,ada rumah jira sorang ni ada tv,masa tu tgh hot cerita 6 milliondolar man.mabuk habis ngn cerita tu.Bila mlm, tunggu adik beradik dah tidur, jv dgn adik jv yg lembab tu keluar ikut pintu belakang rumah merangkak lari rumah jiran tu nak tgk tv, bukan dapat masuk rumah pun, dapt tgh dari celah lubang papan,yg muat sebelah mata,took turn ngn adik tu tv sebelah mata celah lubang, sanggup, tak kira hujan ribut or petir, kalau hujan ribut, basah seluruh badan belakang sebab menonggeng tgk tv celah lubang.kakak yg jadi reporter tu,bila dapat tau, dia bagi tau mak,bila mak tau,dia kunchi pintu belakang,then kita org keluar dari tingkap,then mak palang tingkap ngn kayu, kita org tebuk lantai rumah, keluar dari lantai rumah,last straw, mak jv berak kan kat lubang lantai yg kita org kopak tu,mlm tu kita org tidur luar rumah, dgn hujan ribut dam hutan,esok pagi mak bangun pagi nak gi noreh,tgk ada ular sawa tidur sebelah jv,Selamat jv tak kena pukul sebab mak dah nak gi noreh., pas tu tak buat dah keluar rumah semata2 nak tgk kg dulu punya ler kedekutnya, nak tgk tv pun tak bagi, nauzubillah!!

Cukup ler kot celoteh jv kali ni yer, sat lagi ada 2 Columbian girl nak dtg .Dia org nak duduk rumah jv for 2 weeks. jv jadi forster parents sekejap in summer,nak expose anak2 jv dngn budaya luar.kalau dia org bijak, they get to know this girls, if not pandai ler dia org.Stay positif fren, Joyah Vegas.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

my ramadhan masa kechik.

A'salam,selamat ptg,mlm dan pagi pada semua, semuga hari ini lebih ceria,positif dan sihat dari smlm,if not continue berdoa yg utk yg terbaik utk kita.Its 4July,Wednesday and its Hari Merdeka for USA.Soon akan dengo berdentam dentum belakang rumah jiran bakor bunga api,kat balcony rumah jv bole nampak pertunjukan bunga api besar2ran,kalau rajin tu jv naik laa tgk, kalau tak dudk tgk tv jer ler, budak2 dah keluar bermlm rumah kawan,Mualaf tgh berdengkur belakang rumah,Jv tgh menyangkung depan computer mikir apa nak tulis ,

To all pembaca out there, please bear in mind , bila jv tulis zaman silam jv, tolong jgn ingat yg mak jv pilih kasih or tak sayang jv,Jv pasti mak dan abah sayang jv sama mcm dia sayang anak2 yg lain,cuma cara dia layan jv lain sedikit dari yg lain,sebab jv tak ikut mak gi nolong noreh ,Tugas jv jaga rumah,so jv kena jlnkan tugas dgn betul,just like any other job,kalau tak betul kena displin ler,that is the only way we learn from our mistake.My parents are good parents,raised me well, tak paksa jv berhenti sekolah like most of my school mates those days,a lot of them tak sampai darjah 5, kena berhenti tolong mak menoreh,at least my mother let me finished high school, cuma jv tak ambik that opportunity to study hard,and do well in school, its not my ,mother's was mine and mine only.She is a good mother,maybe not the greatest mother ,but good enough for me.

Having said that, jv nak cerita how we sambut ramadhan masa kechik2 dlm hutan.ini semua masa jv dlm sekolah rendah masa getah tak der harga,masa tapak rumah masih lagi hutan belukar, and Felda just being introduced and Tun Razak baru meninggal,dimana Malaysia masih lagi agriculture based.

Org masjid will pukul kentung bagi tau esok puasa,mak mlm tu dah masak nasi siap2 takut tak sempat bangun pagi masak. Pukul 4 pagi mak kejut kita org semua, dudk menyanngkung depan pelita dgn beselubug gebor gandum tepung,mak jv kepal2 nasi tu jadi kan mcm bola,and baca niat puasa and tiup sikit kat bola nasi tu and paksa kita org telan,that was the only meal(if you want to call it) jv dan adik beradik sahur . No water or drinks, jv ingat lagi rasa nak tercekik setiap kali sahur tu. Ramadhan was the only month ayam kg dapat makan,if not biasa ayam2 tu kais saki baki makanan yg ditabur kat luar.So mak pesan ngn jv suruh bagi ayam makan beras sebelum gi noreh.Lepas sahur,kita org tidur balik,and bagun pukul 6 pagi nak siap2 pegi sekolah,Jv ambik beras satu tin susu, panggil ayam makan and tabur beras,masa tabur sikit2 tu jv jeles pulak tgk ayam dapat makan lebih dari jv,so jv rasa sikit beras tu, sedap pulak,rangup dan lemak,dlm sikit2 tu habis satu tin jv kunyah makanan ayam tu,Agaknya ayam2 tu semua sumpah seranah jv sehari suntuk.Dlm hati kata'sorry ayam!'.tak der sorang pun adik beradik yg tau for one whole month,mak masa tu perasan,yg ayam makin kurus and kebulur and wondered if jv bagi ker tidak makan ayam pepagi.jv .Dalam bulan ramdhan tu selalu ler juga ceret beret,dlm hati tau,its dolat ayam,selalu curi makanan ayam,tapi tak juga bertobat. Masa membesar dlm hutan dulu, kita org tak der proper toilet,so nak melepas tu kita buat mcm kucing, gali lubang pas tu menyangkung, bila dah habis timbus balik,, kalau kena ceret beret tu, terkepot2 ler menahan masa nak gali lubang tu,ingat lagi masa kechik2 dulu changkul kena mesti ada dkt tgn, bukan nak ketuk kepala org, tapi bersedia nak gali lubang utk melepas.Bila mlm masa gelap,tak bole nak mengali, takut terchankul kaki sendiri, kita org buat jamban terbang,dulu2 kalau beli brg kat kedai runcit, kedai tu bungkus ngn surat kabor,so jv simpan surat kabor tu elok2,bila nak mebuang at night,buang ler atas surat kabor tu,then lipat elok2,esok pagi baling jauh2 ke hutan,sebab tu dipanggil jamban terbang.Di pendekan cerita jv tak pernah puasa masa kechik2 dulu. bila buka,lauk buka kita org was sadin dln tin dgn nasi lembik.Dulu sadin murah gila,25sen jer setin besor.

Bila dah masuk pertghan puasa, jv kena jemur gula dan tepung dlm du;ang,satu keja yg paling seksa, jv kena kawal dan jaga supaya burung and ayam tak berak dan patuk tepung dan gula tu, dudk dlm hutan,bayangkan betapa susahnya nak kawal burung dan ayam tu.I hate ramadhan those days,so stressfull for me as a kid.Satu hari tu konon nak jadi bijak,nak our smart ayam dan burung, jv gi jemur tepung atas bumbung rumah,nasib baik jv test se dulang dulu,Tau apa jadi? dgn jv2 sekali tergolek 2jatuh dari atas bumbung tu kena patuk ngn burung,habis tepung sedulang, cepat2 jv timbus dgn tanah, tak nak mak tahu.Kalau tak hujan or mendung,cukup matahari,tiga hari kering, then kena tumbuk dgn lesung kayu beso gajah,tumbuk then ayak,then ayak siap2 bagi halus,for mak buat biskut raya.habis tu semua,jv kena potong kayu api kechik2 nak bakor kuih tu, I was only 8 at that time,tapi kena buat all the prep utk kuih raya.yg lagi sedap,bila mak dah siap buat kuih raya,jv tak dapt makan, sebab mak bagi kat kerani and mandor tempat keja,dapat ler makan sekeping dua,yg hangus dan tak jadi.yg elok2 mak buat utk impressed bos ladang.

Bila hari raya,tak bole gi mana2,sebab mak takut jiran ngumpat,kalau ada duit lebih sikit mak sembelih ayama and buat ketupat.Pernah sekali mak tutup pintu,sebab tak der apa nak masak,yg ada ayam sekor jer, kalau jual ayam,tak der lauk.while our life was so hard and poor, my late uncle dudk sebelah rumah makan mewah berhari raya.Never did he came and jenguk we all.Ni adek mak,selau marahh2 and tengking mak and we all,so mak tak nak kena tengking dgn my uncle,or org dtg rumah beraya,mak suruh tutp pintu dan tingkap,so that year we all beraya dlm gelap siang hari.

Bila ramadhan over, I was so happy, I used todread my self every time bulan puasa tiba,When i discovered nikmat bulan ramdhan, mlm lailatul qadar, seronoknya, jv tahan tak didur mlm sepuluh hari berdoa supaya jv bole bertelor,jv ingat lagi jv doa sampai menagis teresak2'Ya Allah Ya Tuhan ku, bagi lah keajiban keatas diri ku ini, bagi ler kekuasan aku supaya bole bertelor,supaya aku bole tukar telor tu dgn rokok,supaya mak aku sentiasa ceria bila dapt rokok tu, itu saja yg aku pintu dari mu ya Allah,tolonglah tunaikan permintaan hamba mu ini!For 10 day every ramadhan,jv menangis doa yg sama for 3 tahun ler juga, tapi puasa tidak,, sahur tapi curi makannan ayam.Every morning jv cuba meneran nak bertelor,ingat lagi curi2 pegi belakng rumah meneran for 1/2, kot2 keluar telor.Nasib baik tak kena telan ngn ular sawa,sebab sebelah tempat jv meneran tu betul2 tempat ular sawa bertelor,mula2 ingat telor jv,sekali ternampak mak ular sawa tu melengkor keliling teror tu, lari lintang pukang, tak doa and tak meneran dah lepas tu. Nanti jv sambung lagi yer, stay positif frens. Celoteh Joyah.
Jalan-Jalan Mandi Bunga

What a wonderful day today cause its a holiday. Cuaca pun tak berapa panas hari nie. As usual, banyak posting posting menarik dalam FB hari ini and I came across someone's posting today about her difficulty of finding the right man. I can relate to her. I think both myself and kak Joyah Vegas can relate to her. Everytime saya and kak Joyah Vegas borak over the phone, we are always talking about our lives in the ole days. This brings me to the topic of mandi bunga.

Saya mula-mula berjinak mandi bunga when I was in my early twenties. What started out as just accompanying my single aunt jumpa pi mandi bunga (cause my aunt masa tuh susah bebenor nak carik the right man), eventually became a process that I myself went thru after that. Masa temankan my aunt dulu (she was adik bongsu my mother), saya selalu lah temankan dia pergi ke Batu Caves area kat Selanyang in Gombak untuk beli bunga. Kebetulan rumah saya was just 5-10 minutes from Batu Caves. Boleh dikatakan each week pi sana sampaikan all the Indian girls yang jual bunga kat situ dan lali dengan we all. Bunga-bunga yang selalu digunakan are bunga rose, bunga melor, bunga jasmine. One time, one of the Indian girls said to my aunt "..kaka, kenape selalu beli bunga..". My aunt pun cakap lah pasal projek mandi bunga nak cari jodoh! Tergelak minah minah Indian tuh. Malu pulak teman masa tuh!

Few years after that, I became my aunt! This time, my regular companions were my close lady friends. Pantang dengar jer ada makcik terror mandi bunga, teman terus buat appointment! Nak mandi bunga nie, ada syarat-syarat nyer. Salah satu nyer ialah the person kena pakai kain batik masa nak mandi. Kena berkemban. Haihhh, nasib baik lah requirement kena pakai batik. Setiap kali mandi bunga, kena pakai kain batik yang baru pulak tuh. Kalau kena pakai kain songket tiap kali mandi, bankrup teman!

Lepas mandi, makcik yang mandikan tuh akan prepare sirih yang dijampi untuk dikunyah. Kena kunyah pagi-pagi sebelum keluar rumah nak pi kerja. Seumur hidup teman, tak pernah teringin nak kunyah sirih. Nak cari jodoh punya pasal, ku kunyah dan ku telan sirih pagi-pagi selama tiga hari berturut-turut! Berkerut-kerut dahi teman menahan rasa pahit sirih tuh. Pahit nyer, Tuhan sahaja yang tahu! Pedas pulak tuh! By the time jodoh teman sampai, banyak jugak lah collection kain batik teman dalam almari. Batik Jawa ada, Batik Kelantan, Batik Madura...u name it! Segala colour ada. Meghah, cekelat, hitam, bighu, hijo. Kalau teman nak buat garage sale kat Malaysia dulu, banyak jugak lah batik bleh jual! Many people pi melancong ke merata tempat di Malaysia for vacation. Saya pulak banyak pi tempat out of KL for the purpose of mandi bunga. Jalan-Jalan Mandi Bunga! Dari semenanjung sampai ke Sarawak teman explore just nak pi mandi bunga. Segala macam sungai teman dah harungi nak pi tempat mandi bunga. Terusan Wan Mat Saman sajer teman tak harungi lagi! Gamak nyer, kalau lah dulu ada org cakap kat saya ada makcik terror mandi bunga kat the top of Mount Kinabalu, sahih teman panjat dan naik Gunung Kinabalu!

Some women are embarassed and shy to tell people about their episodes of mandi bunga. Not me. To me, setiap org ada cara mereka tersendiri nak cari jodoh. Masuk dating websites tuh pun satu cara nyer jugak. To me , tak kira ler apa cara nyer asalkan halal, tak salah and tak melanggar aqidah kita. In fact, I encouraged women yang masih single mingle untuk pergi mandi bunga. Scientifically, bunga bunga nie pun ada positive effects pada aura badan kita. In fact, org lelaki pun rasa nyer boleh mandi bunga, tapi mandi dengan pakcik-pakcik lah ye.

Nanti saya sambung pada episode akan datang mengenai pengalaman menyeberang Sungai Sarawak nak mandi bunga punya pasal. mandi pulak tuh pukul 5.00 pagi! Punya lah sejuk sampai ke tulang teman! Sambung esok ye!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

my mother and I

A'salam,selamat pagi, tgh,ptg,dan mlm kepada semua pembaca tak kira dimana jua anda berada, semoga hai ini lebih sihat,ceria,positif dan diberkati oleh Allah Taala dari semlm.

As usual,my sincere doa that semuanya dipermudahkan utk kita, kalau ada cabaran tu,hadapi dgn tabah,as long as its not a matter of death and life, everything will be ok.InsyAllah. Its 3/7/2012, and its 11 am Vegas time. Hari ni jv nak berceloteh pasal mother and I. Bangun pukul 5.30 a.m gi dapur tgh dapur tonggang langgang,,dah sah keja anak dara rumah ni, ada sorang kawan yg selalu dtg rumah berhari2 tak balik, dah seminggu ler juga,Bangun tidur dia org dah pegi main tennis, kalah anak org kaya, kalau bole masuk Wimbledon tak per ler juga, kalau setakat nak pukul bola tennis tu yg bergolek kebelakang tu ,pada jv tak payah ler nak eksen.Pukul 9 baru balik, 3 jam ler juga pegi pukul bola tennis,sampai jer rumah, jv leterkan dia org, 'Esah,Meena, you think you are rich kids, get up in the morning and play tennis and I am your maid cleaning your stupid mess in the kitchen?Are you blind?if you can spend 3 hrs play stupid tennis, you can not spent 10 minits to clean kichen mess?Where are your common sense?.terkebil2 mata dia org kena leter,ingat nak sambung lagi tapi ada pulak org dtg nak kutip bayaran baiki bumbung rumah sewa.I guess they are save by the bell then.After all settle down,the girls in their room,roofer have left,mualaf masuk bilik buatt keja,jv chankung sesorang kat dapur ni and I told myself "I have became exactly like my mother,for years growing up I was so determined no to be like my mother in every aspect of my life.Don get me worng though, I admire and respect my mother and loved my late father dearly,its just her way of raising me I resented,but look at me now"look at my children"I became thoughtfull,generous,hard working,a lot of common sense and cheerfull because of her, and my kid are the opposite.They are good kids, tapi semua nak kena bersuruh,sekali suruh baru nak buat, kalau tak suruh, buat dek jer.

My mother is a hardworking,smart,generous woman to who she wants to be just like her mother.she got married young, having her 1st kid at 16 or 17 maybe,then every year after that,life was hard,my father was hardly around, outstation  a lot ,balik once a month just enough to produce another baby.I look at her life as a rubber tapper,it was hard and laborius job,Each rubber tapper were given 25 acres to be tapped for 5 days.which means 5 acres a day,pukul 4 pagi kena bangun, 5 pagi kena bertolak dari rumah kayuh basikal,pasang pelita colok atas dahi sebagai lampu,sebab most of basikal dulu tak berlampu,pukul 10 pagi kena berhenti toreh, then angkat getah dari cawan, masukan dlm baldi,then masukan dlm tong,from there kena bawak pegi stop station where all tappers timbang their hasil,then bekukan and mesin buat getah keping, semua tu being supervised by one clerk and estate manager . semua penoreh berlumba nak mengimpress the manager . They call him 'Tuan" dudk bungalow di tgh2 ladang getah, tak berjiran cuma bertemankan pokok dan nyamuk. kalau sapa yg pandai bodek, dia org dapat lot yg dekat dgn jln and pokok muda,hasil nya nanti lebih banyak dari yg lain,  my mother tak pandai bodek walaupun dia cuba,she was always end up with Lot yg jauh ker hutan,kekdg jumpa babi liar,gajah,ular, dan rimau,lebih kurang mcm Zoo jer, sebab tu kechik2 dulu kita org tak heran nak pegi zoo, jenuh dah nampak binatang tu semua, sempat kenyit2 mata lagi dgn rimau jadian .Dalam kebun getah tu banyak nyamuk,suka berkerumun kat muka,made it difficult for them nak toreh pokok tu,to halau nyamuk,my mother start merokok,lelama ketagih ler dia, One of my job as a 7 year old was to gulung rokok daun for my mother,gulung ketat2 masukan tembakau and susun elok2 for her to bawak keja the next morning, Mak tahu satu bungkus daun dgn tembakau bole dapat berapa batg rokok daun, jgn cuba ngelat,nanti kena ketuk.Bila harga getah naik sikit, mak tukar pada rokok 3 lima, senang sikit jv,tak yah lagi nak menyangkung gulung rokok, org gulung tikor, jv gulung rokok.bila dah sedap hisap rokok 3 lima tu, mak dah tak pandang dah rokok daun tu, bila tak der duit nak beli rokok, tugas jv cari telor ayam dlm semak exchange dgn rokok.Sebiji telor dapat 3 btg rokok. Ingat lagi bila ayam betina berketuk jer, jv ler yg paling bahgia,melompat2 dapat telor ayam, berlari bawak gi kedai Apok(kedai kopi cina),dapat rokok and serah kat mak.

Seingat jv, mak tak pernah senyum walau apa pun yg jv buat utk mak,mungkin to her, its my job to please her.There were times ayam berhenti berkokok, jv pulak yg menangis,jv ingat lagi sampai berdoa masa bulan ramadhan, sanggup tunggu mlm lailatul qadar, berdoa supaya jv bole bertelor,sebab takut mak marah kalau tak dapt rokok,Hari2 jv ikut bontot ayam betina, sampai kekdg tu kena kejo ngn ayam jantan,gamaknya ayam tu marah tgk jv asik ikut bontot girlfen dia kot.Somehow , jv always managed to jumpa telor ayam to exchanged with rokok for my mother.Ada sekali tu, mak dah balik, sehari sunutk jv ikut bontot ayam ,ayam tu tahan tak nak bertelor, malu kot ngn jv, jv dah panik,bila tgk ayam tu dah duduk, jv tunggu,nampak jer telor tu keluar separuh dari bontot ayam tu,cepat2 jv tarik,menjerit ayam tu,jv tak toleh belakang dah to,attend to that poor chiken, terus pegi tukar ngn rokok, terchungap2 ler juga.tapi tak per ler janji tak kena pukul ngn mak.JV ada 4 adik beradik perempuan yg jarak tak sampai setahun,mcm anak tangga kita org ni,Satu atas and below were my mak's peberet,satu tukang bodek mak,satu tu just ikut jer kemana mak pegi,jv tgh2 terkulat2 tgk dari jauh.kalau mak bawak dia org pegi bandor,semua org puji berkerumun kat mak, bila mak bawak jv sekali,tak der satu org pun dtg puji,infact dia org surprised that jv anak mak,sebab dia org kata rupa jv lain dari yg lain.That was all it took for my mother to stop taking me anywhere.

Comes to think about it,I can not blame my mother, her life was hard and difficult,every compliment she gets,it help her feel good about her life,its motivates her,So why bring someone yg tak mendtgkan hasil?its just mentality of human being,then,now and forever.So kalau balik kg, I can see hanging on the wall framed pictures of all my sibllings when they were 2 years old sat on my mother's lap, except me.I once asked why my picture wasn't there,Her answer was.'ko tak lawa, tak payah mebazir filem ambik gambor,org hodoh tak payah bergamborRight then I accepted the fact I am not lawa. not good for my mother,I was gratefull my mother tak abondon me,or gave me up for adoption.Bila nak gi sekola my mother told me,'sekolah as long its free,do not bother me with I went to school with just one pencil and one excercise book,satu buku tu ler utk semua mata pelajaran, tak berani nak mintak apa2 keperluan sekolah,sebab takut kena jerit.

While my two other sister always dapat baju baru every new school year, I have to settled dgn yg buruk form my older sister, but she was so kedekut, yg buruk tu pun dia tak kasi jv pakai, kasut sekolah masa tu kasut kain, kena cuci and kapur,jv tunggu last minit baru cuci, kekdg tak sempat kering, so jv letak belakang dapur kayu,sebab tau pepagi mak bangun jerang air,jv ingat bahang api tu bole kering kan kasut tu, Mak perasan, bila dia hidupkan api tu dia saja jer tolak bara api tu sampai terbakor tumit kasut sekolah tu, For that year jv pakai kasut sekolah  hangus,pas tu tak berani dah basuh last minit. the year after that Bata introduced kasut plastic.Jv le org yg paling bahgia masa tu, sebab bole cuci last minit and kesat ngn kain bagi kering, tak yah tungu mata hari or api nak panggang kasut.Org panggang ayam, jv panggang kasut..Bila ingat balik, jv terima tu semua dgn tenang hati, tak pernah mengeluh,menangis or mengadu. I was so invisible in  my mothers eye,so much so I can do anything I I thought kan? Till next celoteh frens,stay positive, please ~ Joyah Vegas.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Kenangan masa kechik

A'salam, selamat tghari, petg,mlm dan pagi pada semua pembaca, semuga hari ini lebih ceria,positif,sihat dan diberkati dari semlm dah hari2 sebelumnya, pada yg masih lagi mencari2, teruskan usaha, jgn mengalah sekrat jln,my only sincere hope and doa,Allah memudahkan semuanya, selagi kita berusaha, niat baik dan sentiasa willing nak menolong, rezeki akan selalu murah, mungkin tak jadi jutawan tapi hidup tak susah. jgn sesekali menghina, pandang rendah,pada org yg rupa kg, org susah, dan cacat.Sepgj hidup saya, dari keccil sampai lah saya dah berkahwin, itu ler biasanya pandangan org terhadap saya, even sampai sekrg pun masih ada lagi yg mcm tu, saya ingat satu jer,dlm hidup ni kita tak bole ubah pemikiran org, tapi kita bole ubah fikiran kita kalau kita tau apa yg kita buat tu salah.saya ingat lagi masa kechik2 duluu, ketua kg, cikgu semuanya sombong2 belaka sampai org kg yg kebanyakanya terdiri dari penoreh getah takut dan malu nak bertegur sapa, jurang pemishan tu terlalu ketara, masa saya kechik saya tak paham tu semua,cuma perhati jer ketua kg masa tu satu keluarga sombong ,adik beradik,and anak beranak, kalau kenduri, kendara tak pernah nak jemput,masa kita org cuma mampu naik basikal buruk ,dia org dah bermotor and berkereta,saya ingat lagi one of the cikgu punya anak satu sekolah ngn saya, kawan tu cousin pada anak ketua kg, anak dia org pegi sekolah dah ada keta sendiri,while saya jln kaki kesekolah, satu pagi tu,anak ketua kg tu nampak saya dgn cousin dia berjln kaki kesekolah, anak dia yg perempuan tu suruh saya jln dulu,sebab dia tumpangkan cousin tu naik kereta sama ngn dia. so saya berjln ler sesorng gi sekolah,can you imagine that, punya hinanya kita org?ni ketua kg,yg pegi masjid tak tinggal,yg kalau bercakap pasal agama, dia jer yg pandai,yg kalau wakil rakyat yg dtg keluar dia jer yg menyambut, org kg jadi baruah buat keja yg susah2.MasyAllah,bila difikirkan balik,marah rasa, kalau malu dgn org kg yg miskin , jgn represent dia org,then yg cikgu2 pulak jahat nak mampus, kaki pukul sampai budak2 takut nak gi sekolah, parent mcm tak berdaya bersuara or buat sesuatu, masa darjah 1 sampai darjah 6,jv ingat lagi cikgu yg garang,cikgu sabtu and cikgu kassim,,berleluasa, kalau maki hamun tu usah cakap ler,having teachers like that, how to expect murid nak pegi sekolah, not enough having garang parents, at shcool we are having garang teachers some more ,what make it worse no body there to protect us, we were at their mercy,dah ler sekolah atap mcm reban kambing,kerusi pun tak cukup some dudk atas lantai, dinding separuh jln,bila hujan lebat tempias banjir jadinya kelass room tu. tak ramai pun anak2 kg yg pegi sekolah masa tu,most of them tahan pegi tolong mak bapak gi noreh,kalau bsisng,cikgu akan panggil kedepan and senkang kapor tulis tu dlm mulut for sejam, some murid tu takut sampai terkenching2 then dia org kena merangkak keliling air kenchin tu.its still fresh in my memory how budak2 been treated di sekolah rendah tu.ada sekali tu ,one of the father mengamuk dtg sekolah bawak parang, tau takut cikgu tu meyorok dlm almari perpustakaan,the next year cikgu tu pindah sekolah lain, dengo cerita sama juga perangai dia, I never wish anything bad for anybody, but for someone like this I hope Allah balas ler keatas apa yg dia buat terhadap anak2 org miskin di kg tu.kalau tak salah jv tahun 1976 baru kg dapat bekalan letrik, so guess rumah sapa dulu yg mampu ada api letrik?, rumah cikgu dgn ketua kg ler kan? kita org ni senja kala,duduk chankung kat batang poko tgk rumah dia org terang benderang ngn cahaya lampu kalimantan tu.on the way nak gi mengaji, kalau kita berhenti sekejap nak jeling tv  dia org, cepat2 dia org tutp pintu.massyAllah, saya mohon doa dari Allah Taala, jauh kan ler dari sifat sombong yg mcm ni,,ni belum lagi org susah mengadu nak mintaktolong, jv rasa dulu ketua kg tempat jv masa kechik2 tu paling senang hidup dia org , tak der sorang pun org kg dtg mintak tolong,jv tak tau pasal keluarga org lain, yg jv tau mak jv masa membesar dulu tak pernah jumpa ketua kg,,the only time kita jumpa muka ketua kg is masa maulud nabi, kita org pegi bawak dulang sebab masa tu ler kita org dapat makan daging ,kalau tak memang kempunan, if ada rezeki bisannya 3 bulan sekali baru dapat rasa makan ikan kembung, sekor ikan potong 3,jv selalu dapat bhg ekor, goreng ngn garam,makan ngn nasi and kichap dlm dulang. satu dulang 4 org,at 1st,  jv makan nasi jer dulu,simpan ikan nak tayang ngn adik beradik,then adik jv ,nangis nak ikan ,mak  dah senseng lengan baju,kat jv,so there went my ikan goreng to my sister,one of my mothers peberet.Since  then,kalau ada chan lauk ikan, the 1st thing jv terkam ikan tu dulu,bagi selamat dlm perut,gi sekolah dulu tak mandi pagi sebab nak jimat air and simpan air utk mak dgn adik beradik lain2,kalu tak, penat nak kandar air tu,lepas sekolah,kena kandor air,dari perigi atas bukit,penuhkan semua tempayan,if saya femes masa kat sekolah dulu,its because femes for tak mandi pagi and gosok gigi. mak beli berus gigi sebatg kungsi ngn 9 org,sabun mandi tu guna sabun chap kapak yg kuning panjang tu,kalau ada duit mak beli sebtg, kalau tak beli sekerat.multi purpose sabun, utk mandi,cuci pinggan,baju,rambut,lantai dan segala2 yg perlu dicuci..Padanler rambut org kg  dulu kalau angin puting beliung pun berdiri semcm jer, tak bergerak, rumah bole terchabut ditiup dek angin, rambut dia org bole stand still, punya power nya sabun buku chap kapak tu.Berus gigi tu tak sampai setahun,tinggal batang jer, bulu berus tu hilang lunyai kena kejakan berus gigi2 kapak seluruh keluarga.bila ubat gigi habis, jv cuba guna sabun, sapu ngn berus gigi tu,pedas dan panas semacm jer bila berus gigi dgn sabun chap kapak tu. Pas tu tak buat dah,then bila semua tu dah habis, jv tumbuk arang ngn garam sapu dgn jari sental gigi,masa menyental tu bukan tgk cermin, main sental jer,pas tu gi sekolah,bila senyum gig jongang jv tu ada black lining, rasa masin tu sehari suntuk ler juga,.minum air perigi pun rasa belum cerita pasal buang air besor lagi, to nanti cerita kemudian ler, cukup ler dulu celoteh Joyah Vegas utk hari ni, cheer up frens, take care. JV

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A;salam.selamat pagi,tgh,dan mlm kepada semua pembaca tak kira dimana jua anda berada. semuga hari in lebih di berkati dari semlm,my sincere doa that all of us in a happy,positif attitude.its Sunday,7.25 am,banyak keja nak buat hari ni, jirus pokok2,ngepack 300 biji corelle ,coachs and other items to shipp it to malaysia esok for my bestest and all other fb frens.hari ni nak suruh anak2 dara rumah ni tolong, anak jv ni tak der common sense, semua nak bersuruh,  jv dulu masa kechik2. mak tak perlu buat apa pun bila lepas balik noreh. jv dibesar kan dlm keluarga yg miskin, adik beradik 12 org, tapi mati 4,yg dua tu jv tak sempat tgk sebab mati lepas lahir.mak penoreh getah,arwah abah pemandu lori, sebulan sekali balik rumah, outstation banyak.jv anak kelima,so the 1st 4 keja ikut mak gi noreh, tugas jv buat keja rumah dan jaga adik beradik.the 1st 7year kita org tumpang tanah wakaf belakang masjid,dekat ngn kubur ,tak tau apa sebab kena pindah jauh sikit,mak kata org masjid suruh,so,mak dapat tumpang tanah org, tu yg mak buat rumah kechik 4 tiang.Emak jv garang,arwah abah lembut dan baik,tapi jrg ada rumah,basically emakler yg didik kita org.emak pun ddidk dgn cara yg sama jv dididik. Arwah nenek garang,arwah atok meninggal masa buat rail ketapi zaman jepun, mak kata arwah atuk mati sebab kena paksa minum air sabun setiap hari lepas keja,hari2 kena minum air sabun sampai perut kembung then askar jepun tu pijak perut the railway workers tu.masa tu mak umur 7 tahun, so I can only imagine how tough their life were back then,she used to tell us how  every time bunyi kapalterbang they would menyorok dlm lubang , takut kena tangkap and di seksa,and all the women kena senantiasa comot, muka sapu arang dan lumpur, kalau tak kena geng rape by the askar jepun."That my frens" I call living in fear,sebab tu no matter how susah my life  back then,I never complain,, most of my mother"s sibling tak pegi sekolah except the brothers, so all my aunties were illetrate,no baca and tulis. My mak wanted a few son, but cuma dapat satu, maybe sebab tu she kept trying,but always end up with more girls.My borther to mak tatang mcm minyak yg penuh,apa dai nak mak bagi but at my expense Some how I felt, my kelahiran was never wanted or welcome by my mother, from as long as I remember since I was 5 ,my mother always nak marah every time she sees me. I always did everything i could not to trigger my mother's anger, stayed away as far as i could,everytime she was telling a bedtime story,she always told me I was anak indian batu gilling, dia kutip dlm tong sampah tepi jln. sebab kat kg dulu every month ada this indian guy,drunked and scary,with red eyes,dtg ketuk pintu nak asah batu giling,every time dia dtg,dia jerit"baatu giling!!! Mak would takut kan jv and said"Ko dengo tu, bapak ko dtg cari ko" I was 6 at that time, selalu terkenching dlm seluar ketakutan,sampai sekrg, i can still terbayang muka indian batu giling , I was willing to do whatever it takes to please my mother just to be in the house,supaya dia tak bagi kat indian guy tu. my adik beradik at time semua nya chomel2 except me, gelap,comot and gigi jongang, and 2 front tooth becabang mcm cabang lastik,sebab suka letak gigi atas tingkap masa kecik tunggu mak balik noreh, sebab nak kena sediakan mak punya teh susu and letak tepi tangga everytime dia balik noreh, bila dia buka sepatu and setokin tu, teh susu dia kena ada within reach, kalau tak mampos nanti jv kena pukul.While the 4 sibling bangun pukul 4 pagi ,ikut mak gi noreh, jv duduk rumah, cuci rumah,cari kayu api, kena pegi hutan sebulan sekali potong pokok kayu yg dah tua guna gergaji,yg one handle tu, pas tu potong pendek,bawak balik, kering kan, then belah ngn kapak then sussun bawah dapur,utk mak guna masak air bangun pagi sebelim gi noreh bawak bekal.the kejutkan adik2 yg kechik,kemas rumah, Sapu sampah, ceduk air dari perigi, penuhkan semua tempayan utk mak mandi dan chebuk,then cuci baju.comes to think about it, tu semua keja berat for a 6 year old yg makan tak cukup.kena pegi hutan cari pucuk kayu,or pucuk paku,masak nasi seperiuk beso utk adik beradik., kalau nasi mentah or hangit , anothher episode pulak. everything i did back then I did in fear, fear to buat mak marah, sebab mak kalau marah, dia tak bole control , and no body was there to protect me, my 4 sibling would just help and encourage my mother to beat me more, so I was all my own even when i was little, if my life was hard, my mothers life was even harder,bangun pagi kena gi noreh, its hard and laborius job,jv pernah ikut a few times, sebab tu jv tak sanggup ikut gi noreh,to me tak per laa, if i did everything rigght, my mother tak marah kat i,she was tired every time dia balik noreh ,and lepas makan biasanya dia tidur and bangun pukul 4 ptg nak asah pisau toreh dia.Pernah sekali jv masak nasi guna kayu lembab,sebab musim hujan,so nasi tu jadi mentah, jv tambah air, then bakor some more kayu lembab, the result was, nasi seperiok beso utk 9 org,mentah dan hangus dan hangit,tekencing2 and kering air mata nunggu mak balik punish jv. ingat lagi, mak duduk atas kerusi dgn tali pinggang and jv duduk atas lantai mengadap nasik yg lembik,mentah dan hangitt, mak paksa jv habis kan nasi  tu..because of the fear tak nak kena hanto balik dgn batu giling guy tu, jv makan nasi tu sampai tercekik,takder air,tersangkut sesuap kat tekak, dah takbole masuk dlm perut lagi, mak libas dgn tali pinggang, hampir habis terkeluar balik nasik tu dari perut jv.! to be contined!!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Assamualaikum and salam sejahtera...

Wahhh.... sedihnya cerita kak JV dgn kak Marina. Now it is my turn to write something sedih jugak, haha. Well, saya dilahirkan dalam keluarga sederhana yg ramai adik beradik, 10 orang. So tanggungjawab adik2 diletakkan di bahu saya. Saya ni ada tahi lalat besar kat bahu nih. Orang kata nak tanggung beban. Betul kot....sampailah sekarang.

Masa lepas saya graduate kat Drexel Univ dulu, saya terus plan nak keja sini. Main reason is nak bantu family. Tapi cost of living memang tinggi jugak. Setiap hari saya bawak bekal ke ofis. Bawak nasi masak sendiri, pastu perangatkan dalam microwave kat ofis. Kadang2 saya bawak roti sardin. Terkejut jugak bila dengar budak2 sekolah zaman sekarang spent RM5 sehari nak makan kat kantin sekolah. Budak2 sekarang tak ramai bawak bekal ke sekolah....maybe sebab family diaorang dah kaya raya ataupun malu nak bawak bekal ke sekolah. From what I've seen, kebanyakan mat salleh atau mak itam kat sini, 95% bawak bekal ke ofis atau sekolah. Kat sini takder perasaan malu nak berjimat cermat.

So, walaupun ada keja tetap, saya terpaksa fikir nak buat keja part time. Balik rumah dari ofis takkan nak mengangkang tengok TV sebelum tidur. Dari dulu saya minat photography and videography, cuma tak tahu camna nak start bisness ni. So saya belajar dari adik beradik & kawan2 saya yang ambik course Art & Design nih. 

Mula2 nak start buat wedding kat sini saya memang gabra, sebab tak tahu camna nak buat, equipment apa nak beli, camna nak adapt to culture diaorang, adab resam diaorang, so kena study betul2 before starting this business. Saya ingat lagik masa saya ambik wedding videography yang first sekali in 2007, sorang makcik itam ni hire saya. Maybe dia hire saya becoz I put the lowest price among the competitors, murah jer saya charge - sejam USD 100. Banyak service kat sini charge sampai sejam USD 300. Makcik tu ajak saya buat meeting nak discuss kenduri kawin dia dengan dia sampai 3 kali, sedangkan bayar sikit jer, tapi plan macam nak rak. Pastu hari dia kawin, wedding dia sampai 6 jam, tapi dia bayar cuma untuk 3 jam. Memang bengkek gak masa tu tapi sabarjerlah, kita kan baru nak start. Tahan jer karenah customer.

Lepas tu saya naikkan sikit minimum hours required bagi dapat client yg sanggup bayar. Banyak keje nak film and edit video nih, bercekang mata malam2....saya selalu tidur lambat setiap malam sampai jam 2-3 pagi. Kadang2 tu computer buat hal...lagik ler tension. Sekarang ni saya dah start wedding photography pulak. Basically my life everyday is keje kat ofis waktu siang, balik rumah edit video or picture orang kawin. Kadang2 tu dapat banyak offer kenduri...I pernah dapat offer 15 weddings in a year. The best part is when there are repeat customer, bila ada good review dari previous client, ramai ler kawan2 dan adik beradik dia nak hire saya. Memang letih...but I always think like this, masa muda2 ni la nak keja kuat2, bila dah tua sakit2 nanti dah tak boleh nak buat apa. 

Baru2 ni I baru balik dari Las Vegas and North Carolina to shoot Malaysian Mixed Marriages pilot program. Mula2 ingatkan nak film ajer, last2 I kena jadik host. Seronok jugak jadik host nih. It built my confidence really well in front of the camera. Dulu masa kecik2 I memang ada teringin nak jadik pembaca berita atau pengacara TV. Masa kat sekolah dulu I selalu masuk bahas, pidato, pantun...tapi taktau camna boleh tersesat ke dunia finance nih. Kadang2 I terfikir kalau I salah ambik course masa kat university dulu. Nak buat camna kan...thats what paid my bills, maybe who knows in the future I can have my dream job in different field.

I don't have time for leisure or personal life. Maybe bila dah umur 40 or 45 nanti baru nak fikir. Sekarang muda lagi...I tak keluar malam2 macam orang lain. Tapi kadang2 bengkek jugak bila kawan2 mat or minah salleh telefon pukul 2 pagi mintak drive diaorang ke rumah sebab diaorang mabuk2 and tak boleh nak drive. I was known as a great "designated driver" among my drunken friends. Dulu I buat, tapi bila dah menjadik2 tu I turned off my phone sebelum tidur. Buang masa aku ja.

My prinsip hidup kalau nak berjaya, kita kena bekerja keras kalau nak mencapai cita2 and jangan nak membebankan orang. Jangan berhutang atau pinjam benda orang untuk kepuasan diri sendiri. Kalau tak mampu, jangan beli atau paksa diri untuk membeli. Kalau tak perlu, jangan beli. Distinguish between your needs and your wants. Jangan habiskan usia muda dengan benda2 yang tak berfaedah atau terlalu mengikut nafsu. Biar saja orang nak kata apa2 to you, as long as you are happy with yourself.

That's all for now. Until next time...sorry yer kalau my story tak sehebat kak Marina or kak JV :-)  - by K.A
4th of July around the corner, its hari kemerdekaan Amerika, just like kita punya 31 Ogos, cuma kat sini bile sambut hari merdeka selain dari perarakan , hampir semua kedai di US ni buat sale.4th of July sale,the very minimum its 40% plus addtional 25% coupon online kalau rajin and pandai cari. jv jarang bebenor shopping sepuluh tahun sekali kot, the last time beli  4 minggu lepas beli Cliniqu brg bersih muka .tu sebab nak buat project pilot tv. dah tua2 ni kan kena ler tepek2 sikit muka tu, taku lari nanti penonton yg nak tgk.kopakler juga 150 usd,1st time after 17 years tak tadi jv pegi ler carikan brg yg kawan baik dari Malaysia tu pesan, kawan baik ni banyak tolong jv,kalau org lain mintak tolong jv biasa kata ,dtg sini,beli sendirr, but this spesel fren, jv kena buat dgn reda, I beleive in life, ni selain dari rasa terhutang budi dgn parents, jv juga banyak terhutang budi kepada kekawan yg sanggup tolong,walaupun sedikit nasihat dan panduan.JV ni susah org nak berkawan sebab, rupa kampung , tak classy and mulut laser binti brutal,so ramai yg tak berkenan dari yg tadi dgn merredah cuaca panas terik jv pegi ler cari outlet utk kawan specel jv tu. dapat ler separuh brg yg di pesan walaupun tak semua. happy sebab dapat jimat 40% brg corelle. total spent on corell 600usd lebih,kalau tak seribu lebih ler juga kalau hari biasa tu.Rezeki my specel fren,lepas ni ,comes the hard part, mengepack brg2 tu kedlm kotak and mengepos, tapi tak per,kawan baik punya pasal,jv sanggup,apa laa sgt compare dgn apap yg dia tolong jv selama ni.Esok, insyAllah, jv will continue cerita masa zaman kechik2 dulu. untill then, sayonara my frens all. sekian celoteh Joyah Vegas.A'salam.

Kenangan jual kuih.

A'kum and good afternoon everyone. Panas sungguh cuaca kat Boone in North Carolina sekarang nie. 89F. Dah sama panas dengan Malaysia. Kalau kat Las Vegas, tempat kak Joyah Vegas, suhu nyer lebih kureng 110F. Mat saleh mat saleh yang baring tepi pool or pantai sunbathing tuh, in 5 minutes, masing masing rupa macam lobster rebus! 

Teringat masa saya muda remaja dulu. I was born in KL tapi when I was like 3 years old, bapa saya dulu was stationed kat Seremban, bekerja dengan Kastam. So, dari Standard 1 sampai ler Form 5, saya bersekolah di Convent Seremban. Bapak saya dulu pangkat pegawai biasa sajer. So gaji tak seberapa and bagi membantu my father, my mother jual kuih muih kat depan rumah. My father pi kerja pukul 6.30am tapi pukul 4.00am, both my parents dah bangun mula memasak. Telah menjadi kebiasaan saya bila pulang dari sekolah jam 1.00pm, saya akan terus menjamah makanan tengahari yang disediakan and selesai sahaja makan, saya akan terus menolong ibu saya menggoreng karipai. kueh keria, popia goreng, kuih bom, kuih cucur badak dan kuih udang. Kuali untuk menggoreng tersangat lah besar. Bila menggoreng, saya selalu risau kalau tergelincir dan termasuk dalam kuali! Punyalah panas bahang dari minyak panas dalam kuali, tak cukup dengan bahang cuaca panas.

Setiap hari, dari hari Isnin hingga hari Jumaat, saya ada tusyen class dari jam 3.00petang hingga 6.00petang. Kadang-kadang leka menolong ibu menggoreng, saya hampir terbabas keluar rumah lambat untuk ke kelas tusyen. Satu hari, saya menggoreng dalam keaddan gelojoh kerana sudah lambat hendak ke tusyen dan tanpa sengaja, saya tersimbah keseluruh tangan kiri saya dengan minyak panas mengelegak waktu menggoreng karipap. Mengelupur saya menjerit kesakitan. Jam menunjukkan lagi 10 minit hampir jam 3.00pm. It will take me at least 10-15 minutes walking to reach my tuition class. I was determined that I must not missed this class. Penat ibu bapa saya bayar untuk kelas tution saya. I must go to the class. So, dengan tangan yang bengkak dan merah dan melecur, saya kuatkan hati berjalan ke kelas tuition saya. Saya sapu tangan saya dengan marjerin supaya tidak terus membengkak. Saya masih ingat lagi ketika berjalan ke kelas tuition, berlinang air mata saya kerana sakit di tangan akibat simbahan minyak panas itu.

Begitulah aktiviti harian saya selama 8-9 tahun. Pulang dari sekolah, saya akan menolong ibu menggoreng kuih. Balik sajer dari tuition, saya akan menolong ibu mengemas dapur. Bapa saya juga membantu ibu saya bila bapa pulang dari kerja. Kemudian saya akan belajar di waktu malam selama 3 jam. Pada hari Sabtu dan Ahad, saya akan menolong ibu dan bapa sepenuh masa di dapur membuat kuih muih. Kadang-kadang pada hari Sabtu atau Ahad, waktu menolong ibu menjual kuih di depan rumah, timbul juga rasa malu bila kawan2 sekolah singgah di gerai membeli kuih. Tetapi, saya tepiskan perasaan itu bila melihat ibu dan bapa bersusah payah bekerja untuk membayar wang untuk pelajaran kami akan kami (saya dan adik saya) mendapat guru tuition yang terbaik di Seremban. Kerana duit jualan ibu jugalah, kedua -dua ibu bapa saya dapat mengerjakan ibadah Haji mereka di pertengahan tahun 19080an. Syukur alhamdulilah. Alhamdulilahh berkat doa ibu bapa saya, walaupun terpaksa menjual kuih, saya berjaya menperolehi pangkat 1 dalam SPM dan berjaya mendapat bantuan JPA untuk melanjutkan pelajaran ke Amerika in the early 1990s.

Pesanan saya pada anak-anak muda sekarang. Hargailah pergorbanan ibu bapa kita. Dalam dunia ini, friends come and go. Even husbands and spouses also come and go. We can only plan tapi Allah lebih mengetahui. Tapi kasih sayang yang kekal abadi dan tidak hilang berganti adalah kasih sayang ibu bapa kita. 

With Love
Mrs. B