Saturday, March 14, 2015

year 2011,tahun kena tipu kiri dan kanan

Salam and morning to all readers all round the world tak kira dimana jua anda berada.Di hari  Sabtu  pagi bertemankan cuaca yang  teramat ler elok,untok berkebun,dan apa jua aktiviti di luar ..If only the whether stay like this forever,but wishfull thinking ler kan?.

Bangun pagi hari ni,sebab kena masakan untuk guest yg dtg dari San Francisco seramai 10 org,duduk di Paseo selama 3 hari and another 10 dari Iowa yg duduk selama 7 hari di Kirkland. Kirkland guest requested an extra toilet paper and paper towels,terberak2 kot,sebab jv masak nasi goreng kampung terpedas sikit masa dia org sampai.Tak tau dia org makan ker tidak,they must have sebab mintak toilet paper lebih.And Paseo guest tu org Filipina.

Jv beli rumah Paseo tu kungsi dgn another Melayu yg duduk dan kerja di Utah.Baik budaknya,kenal melalui fb di kenalkan by another very good fren of mine masa di New York Rosna Duni.She is very helpfull and kind hearted plus frenly,the very non judgemental kind of human being.Being with her I can be myself without worry being judge on my looks,or attitude as long as I do not insult others .Through FB I  met a lot of frens like Rosna Duni,which i enjoy very much. And my Paseo partner is Addie Zulkifli,another great partnert,very fair and honest.Since he is 6 hours away from me,we both agree that i manage the property as i see fit and any cost we will split 50/50. I have not been  lucky in partnership dari dulu lagi.Maybae i am too giving,too fickle minded i do not know.Its either I got scammed or got taken advantaged of it.its a risk i  am willing to take each time I joint venturE with another person when comes to business.But with Addie,there were no headache,no heartache,i shortlisted the property based on out budget,he came down and decided which one he like the most,since i have owned so many property o my own,I let my partner to decide which one they like,and what terms they agreed on.Most cases,50/50 cost,I manage for free and profit 50/50 if they are not local,if they are local,their job is to help me to market the business and answer all emails enquiries.I 'll do all hard work.So out  of 6 properties i showed him,he liked Paseo the most,its move in condition,2900 sft,on 12 thousand sft land with a pool.the price was 250K.Once closed,he let me furnished the house,its not because i am good at it,but we can't afford to pay other  people to do it..Other than the towels,linen and beddings,the rest are from yard sale or moving sales.Took me sebulan nak hiaskan rumah tu.siap semua upah another melayu 500 usd to ambik gambo and list it kat website.Business was slow at the beginning,but alhamdulilah sekarang dah mula pick up.But Addie has proven been a great business partner for me so far.

Kirkland was my 5th property i bought in was a fixer upper,really was fixxer in 1954 in an older neighbourhood. US was at the bottom of reccession,i was buying properties like catching a falling knife,every time i bought one,prices keep on falling,and Kirkland was one of them.the seller paid 498k for a unliveble condition,Bank owned ,and they ask for 99K,i offered 89K.and they accepted.The only thing i managed to replace at that time was the roofing,because i found a cheap clay roofing tile for 50cents a piece ,enough peices to replace Kirkland roof.With labour and material,cost me 10K for a brand new roof,saving me a 15K on materials.and at that time semua org tak der keja,so we got cheap labour.4k ,8 people for one week job.By then i was exhausted financially,because at the same time i was renovating another townhouse no far from Kirkland,that i bought for 50K,and the mexican guy i used took forever to finsh the job,

I have a mexican partner to help me with the renovating work,very skillfull and honest,but that is all.relying on him was such a headache,but i do not have much choice at this time as Las vegas full of telan jer ler pahit maung dengan dia. Most of my money habis kat Delfern the townhouse,total spent on that was 70K.kita bukan banyak mana pon duit,semua nya guna cash,simpanan pon terus kesep,in between,renovating townhouse and fixing Kirkland.masa beli rumah2 tu semua,jv buat deal dgn Hector tu,dia baiki rumah tu,i keluar modal,bila jual bagi dua untung after tolak all cost,but cikano ni ,tak tau apa massalah dia,buat keja either lambat siap or tak siap. Delfern tu ambik masa 5 bulan baru siap,bukan beso benor pon,stress kita di buatnya.Bila dah stress tu jv ambik keputusan nak let go of Kirkland. Reply to Craiglist add ,mamat Thai responded to the add.Nam dia Loy,anak dua,duduk dgn mak dan bini.

Dia rent to own Kirkland from me for 1000 monthly for 3 years,at the end of 3 years,dia beli for 135K.and agreed to renovate the house while living in the house.Hector was not too happy about it.but jv tak der pilihan, rumah tu tak bole kosong,nanti homeless bertapak,and kena saman dgn bandaraya,and  since dia tak setuju dgn jv,Hector tinggalkan kerja baiki Delfern sekerat jalan.By then jv dah bengkek dgn hector for being childish.Jv hire org lain to habiskan keja kat Delfern tu and start cari tenant.. And this is the year jv kena tipu left right and centre.Kirklrd tenant at 1st was ok,bayor sewa on time,and dia buat used car business, jv joined dia as his partner since he was looking for financial partner,tak banyak pon ,cuma 30K.untung 30/70.every car dia jual dia bagi jv 500 usd.For a while dia bagi jv every week 2000,but he worked soo hard,dari pagi sampai pagi,hardly tidur.With dia sibuk kesana kemari jual beli kereta,dia tak der masa nak renovate Krikland.and jiran selalu komplen dgn bandaraya pasal dia.Pening kepala kita di buat nya,but he worked so hard,I have no heart to pressure him on our deal.Pada masa yg sama,I kept getting unpaid tenant for Delfern,tenant asik keluar masuk bertukar.with the 2000 yg Kirkland tenant tu bagi for almost 2 years,jv decided to buy another house,walaupon Delfern tenant ada problem masa jv saja2 cehck online nak cari another rumah dekat Kirkland for sale,and I saw Kirkland was up for sale for 189K.and my name was there.So I  decided to call the listing agent. Rupanya2 Si Loy tu try to make a quick profit by selling Kirkland for which jv paham.and my heart said good luck,in that condition? and at that time thousands houses on the market for  cheaper and bigger.

So I decided to ask him,nama dia Loy,I  really like him honestly, and jv paham keadaan dia,i would have done the same in that position,I  know dia tak der niat nak tipu eventhough mualaf and Hector said otherwise.Guess what? when I went to Kirkland,they all have abandoned the house,sehelai sepinggang.and The marshal and FBI were there waiting round the closk for him. I was so shock and sorry for him.his past were catching up on him.He was trying to worked so hard fixing his past mistake,but time doest not permit him to do that.And that was the beginning of my Kirkland Headache. We call it the Drama House.More on Kirkland The Drama House later.

Got to go for open house next door,and gardening now. Meanwhile stay frenly,helpfull and humble please.Take care

Joyah yg di makan umur setiap hari

Friday, March 13, 2015

My motivational Memoir,Rubbertapers daughter,from Rubber Estate to United States

Salam and  Selamat pagi pada semua pembaca blog jv yg budiman.

Minggu lepas agak sibuk sikit,dah lama tak berblog,nak naik kan semangat tu mcm berat teramat.sejak berfb,ni minat dah berblog semakin kurang. but kena rajinkan diri,sebab jv dalam  usaha utk terbitkan buku pasal kisah kehidupan jv,dari kechik sampai sekrg,hidup dirantauan.

Dua minggu yg lepas,jv didatangi oleh kawan baik jv masa di Delaware.Nama dia Shakila Yaacub,dia duduk ngn jv sekejap buat research for her Phd dalam sejarah business Malaysia and America,we spent a lot of times together,chit chat,,jv bangga dapat kenalan dgn melayu yg bijak pandai dan tak sombong,sebab sepnjg hidup jv masa kechik dan remaja,susah nak cari melayu yg pandai ,peramah dan helpfull,but at the same time,times has change,there are a lot more smart and educated malays out there,They said  life is all about timing,and place.and with technology lagi ler senang nak jumpa dan berkenalan dgn org yg baik2,all we have to do just choose.and if we choose to good one,baik ler hasilnya.And I  have been lucky with a few exceptions,kenalanyg jv kenal di FB semuanya baik2 belaka.for that i am forever gratefull.

We had a good times telling story masa of it was about the beauty are on the eyes of beholder.Masa susah dulu tak terpikir yang , jv ni bertuah sebab dilahirkan tak chantik.Dari kechik sampai ler masa nak kawin.Mualaf adalah org yg pertama kata jv chatik.Masa mula2 tu rasa pelik sgt dengo dia puji jv,rasa mcm serba serbi tak kena,tersumbat telinga,jenuh jv korek dgn jari and tooth picks,nasib baik tak pecah gegendang telinga,if not pekak dah kot,mcm tak cukup hodoh,pekak ler pulak nanti.Dari kechik dan remaja sampai ler ke anak dara tua,all I  heard was just jv hodoh dan  tak chantik,dgn gigi jongang,kulit comot hitam berkarat sebab jenuh berjalan buat marketing,or the best org tak puji.Being human,we cry and dire for all compliments,if not all at least one,either being smart,or pretty, regardless from family,frens or strangers,and I  am neither,and when you are neither you are invisible.but if only I were to sit back and think about the advantages of not being pretty at that time.there were so much I could do,I guess when life was so so hard and broke,I was to tired to think all good things I can accomplish. So I was telling Shakila,it was good being ugly masa bujang,sebab tak der org nak ambik kesempatan kat Jv,tak der org nak ngorat,nak cuba jadikan jv pelacur,tak der org nak culik and jual jv and jv tak  berani nak mintak kerja jadi waitress.and because of that I  was able to push myself to the hardest instead of finding a short cut just to stay afloat.Kalau jv chantik,jv would try to be a waitress,could make me good money to pay bills,but I would not be able to recognize my skills in marketing and coordinating,afterall all I  was looking for at that time a job that only pays 400rm monthly to live confortably,and being waitress would just do that.Tapi sebab jv sedor diri ,jv tak ler cuba apply.

Minggu depan jv dah start tulis buku ,My motivational memoir,Rubbers Tappers Daughter,from Rubber Estate to United States,it'll take 3 bulan for that buku tu siap.Mula2 ingat nak suruh anak tiri tu tolong tulis,lepas pikir panjang,jv kena usahakan sendiri sebab anak diri tu nanti sebahgian cerita dalam buku tu nanti,details pengalaman pahit maung hidup dgn anak tiri omputih,selama 2 tahun.walaupon pertalian dah ok sekrg,tapi kenangan pahit hidup dengan dia masa kita muda dan dia remaja tu,nanti akan meundurkan balik persahabtan yg tak sekuat mana.

Nanti jv cuba update sekerap yg bole,insyAllah,till then,stay happy,healthy and helpfull please. and to those yg nak add jv kat fb tu,my fb is Joyah Vegas.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Salam and hi to all pembaca budiman.

Apa kabor semua? lama dah jv tak memblog,hampir 2 tahun,diam tak diam yer.Banyak yg dah berlaku dalam masa 2 tahun,anak2 dah jadi remaja,dah makin kena lagi prihatin,tak bole leka,mualaf dah jadi warga emas and jv dah masuk 50 an.Masa berlalu begitu pantas.Dalam masa 2 tahun,jv sempat beli beberapa biji rumah,started Vacation rental property,Catering, berniaga di pasor tani dan tutp selepas 6 bulan,,buka kedai jual granite and tiles imported dari Brazil and Turkey. Started Trucking company,ticketing,Class App System,and Freight Forwarding,and sekrg jv tgh cuba nasib nak tulis memoir and public speaking.

Dalam masa 2 tahun ni juga,jv sempat business dgn kawan baik,hilang kawan,entertained  tetamu  fb yg dtg sini,ada yg deceving,but ramai yg baik2 seperti dalam fb dia org.Jv kena tipu dgn business partner,turun mahkamah,naik mahkamah,sampai proscuter dan Detective omputih tu dah kenal suara dan rupa jv,sebab jv harrassed setiap hari for setahun,penyangak tu akhirnya masuk penjara for 5 tahun,jv dapat fraud judgement against another partner di California,block a few fb frens,and kawan fb makin bertambah.

Jv balik Malaysia for sebulan last year,tgk emak yg dah terbaring sakit tua,jumpa adik beradik yg dah 20 tahun tak jumpa,cuba menjalinkan pertalian saudara,and sempat jumpa kekawan di Malaysia yg  pernah duduk di US.Salah satu rumah kena rompak,tenant lari tgh mlm and rumah rosak teruk,hampir kena bina semula. And all these berlaku dalam masa 2 tahun.

So far 2015,tak berapa memberangsangkan,but its still beginning of the year,masih musim sejuk,insyAllah bila Spring bermula,business will be back to normal.Who knows,but life has to go on,keyakinan diri mest kuat,hati kena tawakal pada Allah,percaya  nikmat yg akan di bagi akhirnya..

InsyAllah minggu depan jv akak mula berblog balik,so till next week,stay safe,happy ,sincere and helpfull please

Joyah Vegas yg semakin tua.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

pengalaman as Marketing excutive

A.salam ,selamat pagi,tgh,petang dan mlm to all pembaca dan peminat budiman, Semuga hari ini lebih berkat dari smlm, its my sincere doa di hari dan bulan baik kita semua berhati dan niat bersih.Its 5.36 pagi di las vegas baru lepas bersahur, we all makan cerios jer for sahur,its hard bila dah biasa tak makan pagi, nak bersahur ni, si esah and Piah yg kejut kan kita org.Masa jv sekolah menengah dulu, arwah abah selalu yg kejut kan kita org bangun pagi sahur, and I think my late father was a malay version of my mualaf, He was a kind and gentle man, tak pernah dengo arwah abah meninggikan suara,always encouraged anak2 suruh sekolah pandai2 not main2.but because he was hardly around,i wasn't motivated enough to do well.I did not take the opportunity yg parents bagi to do well in school,infact I used it as a play ground, a place to be playfull,sebab tu I never blame my parent or anybody for my failure not to do well in my SPM,bila hidup tak terkapor2 ,struggling kat KL baru realized how important is academic qualification.Its a ticket for us to get to a better place in carear, whether we want to use it or not, is another thing, but at least we have when we need it.tak semua org bernasib baik to ubah nasib mcm jv, some just don't have the personality or ability to overcome the insults and the atitude that people around us gives.One thing I notice, coming from a poverty background,poor people see poverty as a way of life,not a problem,that is why they are okay with it. If  i did not migrate from kg to a bigger city, my life would still be the same continuing another generation of poverty,because of my guts to change my future,I was able to change my two sisters future, The very least when then came to KL ubah nasib, dia org tak payah bersusah payah mcm jv lagi, the very least dia org ada tempat mengadu and tempat tinggal to start with.Every help is important walau sekechik mana pun pertolongan tu.

Bila jv dapat surat yg gaji jv akak dipotong 30rm, jadi 120 rm, jv ambik keputusan berhenti serta merta,jv tak nak stuck kat office making 120 sebulan and not able to pay expensess. By berhenti, at least jv bole fokus nak cari keja full time, without any skill, it was a long struggle to find a decent office job, By then my englis has improved tremendously.Through malay mail ad, i got the advertising 2 weeks, evethough I was ready within a day, but they won't let me,because they think they really need to prepare me. they have 4 supervisor in that department, and 5 marketing like me, the supervisor sorng jantan melayu,cakap beso,berlagak, was there because of political conection,one indian and 2 chinese,all of them got paid 1500 monthly,and the marketing ad like us got paid on commisiion,and yet we were required to clock in and out. 3 of us quit after 2 weeks, I stayed and worked my butt of calling evrybody I can think of from yellow pages,and news paper, every developer I can think of. Having worked at QS help me a bit with some leads with developer.A few big developer were frenly and helpful.UDA was very kind and helpfull ordered centrespread for 2 circulation,dapat ler 600 rm each time. Lobbied for PKNS for 4 months,the director tu juling and jongang,very frenly, pegi office almost everyday for 4 months,,very promising tapi tak juga bagi order.Satu hari tu dia suruh jv jumpa dia kat Wisma YMCA kat jalan seputih on Saturday, I was so excited sebab ingat nak sign contract,dlm hati kata "Finally"Sempat pesan lagi,sampai sana,tanya receptinist,they will tell me where to go. Satu mlm jv tak makan, sebab ingat dia nak belanja makan,by then my wieght was around 90lbs, because walked almost everyday,tak makan,almost everyday makan roti ngn air kosong,so i was so looking forward to his belanja lunch sebab dia nak jumpa lunch time.He was a Directo of Co operate Affairs at that time.. Bila sampai bangunan tu, the recepnist suruh jv naik tingkat 7, kalau tak salah, jv ingat office building, rupanya hotel kat atas YMCA tu,bila jv ketuk pintu bilik tu mamat tu berlengging tak ber baju and just pakai tuala kechik tutp pinggang dia.Tersentak ler juga sekejap , then I saw pinggan me kosong, I was so sad and dispointed and asked him? "You have eaten your lunch?toya jer mamat to jawab "yes' and I asked him back and" you want to have sex with me without buying me lunch?An I assumed you are not here to sign the contract?He said "No,the contract I will sign in my office, right now lets take care of business 1st!
I told him,"No you take care of you business, my business is to get advertisers, then I walked out of that room.

I was so sad and crying all the way home,walked from jln Seputih to Keramat, Jlan yg paling jauh jv rasa dlm hidup jv sambil nangis,I was so hungry and sad,that was the time i wish i had degree, all i want was just a a decent lunch at that time,but that does not stop me from keep on trying In 2002 I was invited by MARTRADE New York to attend sales seminar in Atlanta. Masa kat situ I saw a few high ranking PKNS officer as delegates from KL.A few of them jv kenal ,because they all selalu lepak kat office that guy, they don't remember me,but I remember them very well.So I asked about that guy.they gave me his cell phone no,I called him from Delaware.Guess what, he remember my voice,and start lecturing me about agama,pasal sembayang and the rest,I have waited so long to tell him,what i have been wanting to tell, but i was so mad of my stupidity,never have the guts till i forgot.Then I told him on the phone"No2 you do not have the rights to lecture me pasal agama,you do not have the rights to tell me anything after what you are trying to do to me without feeding me, you jerk and bastard,you can go to hell,I wish karma will get to you for being hipokirts and selfish,if only you knew your help would change my life at that time.And this jerk has the guts to claim credit,that becaouse of him, I was succesfull.MasyAllah,I was just to speechless and carut kan dia before I hang up on him. When I told a few good frens about him, they all asked me the same question.'Would I have sex with him at that time?My answer was always"I do not know because I was just so looking forward to have decent meal at that time,was hoping and praying that he belanja me makan,for me to makan puas2,when i saw a fresh empty plate in his room,my heart just stop,i was so dispointed,I thought the very least if you want to have sex with some stranger, don you think you should feed them 1st?What a jerk!! So call muslim and melayu man!

Then I call my ex boss good fren, a prominent chinese arkitek,an old guy,in his 70s I think, His name was Lim Chin Sze.Ingat lagi nama org tua tu, selalu dtg office,and very frenly. He agreed to see me at Equitorial Hotel for breakfast.Bahgia rasa dapat makan breakfast,something I have not had for years! kat hotel lagi,seronok rasa,as usual I skip roti the day before.Was there sharp at 8 am, he was there already waiting for me with his big wrinkly face,diri pun dan mengigil.I ate breakfast masa tu mcm nobody business, org tua tu perhati kan jer, but i don care. after habis makan, sedawa and kentut berkali2 ler juga, perut jv pun terkejut gamaknya sebab tak pernah di isi sebanyak tu sebelum ni,org tu a tu pegang tangan jv and told me that he has a room upstairs.Innocently I asked him,'your office upstairs?bukan ker your office kat jln ampang?He giggles and said'No laa, is hotel room!! I said Oh" why?he said " he said if you want we can lepak2 atas katil! This time I came prepared.'I told him nicely,afterall I am gratefull to him for feeding me a very good meals, let me eat whatever I want. I asked him"Are you willing to convert and marry me?He said 'No laa, I am too old already to convert and marry you, and I am already married !! what am going to tell my wife? I told him"Tell your wife you are one itchy old man want to have sex with a young malay girl, because you belanja her breakfast! Tell her the truth, I am very sure, she will be so glad to give permission,but you have to transfer 1/2 of your money and asset to me before that.Terbatuk org tua tu kat meja makan tu, nasib baik tak tercekik and mampos atas meja tu!

Then I called a Southern Finance Indian muslim, agree to see me after office hour and took me out for a movie,Laa, mcmana nak buat presentation kalau pegi tgk wayang,But ikut kan ler desprate punya pasal, masuk jer panggung wayang, mamat tu dah lain mcm jer gatal dia, yg tu jv tak tunggu lama, cepat2 jv cabut lari, tak cakap apa dah, lantak ko ler keling, pi mampos ler ko DIY kat panggung yg gelap gelita tu.Then jv jumpa  the head of PR Kumpulan perangsang Selangor,lupa namanya, very nice gentleman, jv jumpa dia, buat presentation, for 1 hour, he was so impressed with me, and recomended me a job with an advertising com. Leo Burnet Advertsisng, masa tu dia masih baru lagi, punya baik nya mamat  tu, jemput jv dari rumah and drove me to subang to meet the CEO,David Teo kalau tk salah jv nama CEO tu, He offered me a job immediately, and I asked him,the job specification. Dia kata prepare a speech for our beloved Dr Mhathir, the prime Minister! terbeliak mata binti ternganga mulut jv.For once jv rasa org ada confidance and faith in me, too much and too high, and takut jv dengo nya,politely jv tolak sebab tak nak memalukan diri sendiri and the gentlemen yg rekomen  jv.That gentlemen gave me so much confidence in me,that after that meeting I feel i can do anything, nothing will put me down anything after that.He fed me and drove me home. Felt so good of myself after that. I wish I remember his nama, it was just one meeting but that meeting change my life, in a way I can not see.My life continue to be hard and dificult after that,nothing funny and happy for a few years .OK laa, its enough for today's celoteh, nak kena jirus pokok, kemas rumah, gi kedai cina and kedai halal hari ni. till then, take care and be kind frens!!! celoteh Joyah!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

cubaan utk mencari rezeki yg lebih

'salam and morning,afternoon,evening and night to all pembaca dan peminat budiman. Its 5.30 morning here in Las Vegas,and jv and family baru lepas bersahur, biasanya terus berjaga, tak tidur dah.Its my sincere doa that all of us senantiasa sihat,ceria dan di berkati selalu di bulan ramadhan, insyAllah yer! Hari ni jv nak bercerita pasal cubaan jv masa muda untk mencari rezeki yg lebih.

Jadi receptionist, masa banyak,the admin are typical chinese yg kedekut tak nak ajor sepaya kita tahu skill selok belok office.Coming from kampung without any skills,was difficult,luckyly able to speak a word or two of english,but able to read and understand very well.One good thing when I was a maid, the employer suscribed to NST daily,that I was able to read and asked her the vocalbulary yg susah2 tu.Masa tu banyak beno masa lapang,hidup tak susah mana pun. One way I learned english at that time was reading out loud the  NST(News Straight Times)kalau ada vocab or sound yg tak tau tu jv tanya dia org.By reading out loud I was able to know and practice my english sesorng, nak comunicate dgn org masih tak terbukak mulut. But duirng my recetionist days also I always ask the steno the right way to talk in english,that at least they were willing to teach me,nothing more than that, even that I was gratefull to them.Masa baru keja , I only knew a few sentences. Good morning Hashim and Lim, who do you want to talk to? and hold on please! that was all needed to be a receptionist. senang kan? padanler dia bayo cuma 150 rm.

Bila banyak masa tu, slowly jv cuba cari keja lain, ambik MC or cuti just to go for interviews, in between cuti and MC banyak ler juga interviews jv pegi. But time were so hard back then,and with ni skills and academic qualification was very difficult for me to fina a better paying job.Then i went through yellow pages to try my luck.Still remember very weill, one of the number I called was DL for assistant producer of Santan Berlada,agaknya dia tertarik dgn suara jv masa tu he agreed to give me a part in that drama as an extra, dai bayor jv 120rm seminggu, banyak tu, lumayan rasa, the 1st thing I did dapat duit tu, beli seluat dlm,dgn bra,kat chow kit,sebab sebelum tu jv pakai sport short masa sekolah menengah yg dah reput tu,it was so uncomfortable.Then pegi waron makan puas2,with that extra 120, jv enrolled my self to take a part time class in secretary course at Bedford college kat Jalan Bandar masa tu.Never felt so mewah like that before, with that money also I was able to have breakkfast and lunch,bukan susah pun jadi extras tu,just appear as a restoran customer for sejam then dapat cash, tahan ler 4 bulan.

The Asst producer start tunjuk minat kat jv, baik mamat tu, tapi masa tu jv tak pikir pasal boyfren,but i needed the money to help me,without that life was hard for me.Dia jemput jv dgn motor srambler dia,and hanto jv balik,dapat ler sikit tgk2 tempat, tgk RTM mana rupa, kalau tak tak tau tu semua, not that jv teringin, but it was good for me, tak yah ler menunggu kat bust stop to spend time sebab no where to go.dia bawak gi makan,tgk wayang sebelum hanto balik, it was every weekend,it was a relief for a while.Then he started to get closer keep on hinted to take me to see the parents. Ingat lagi bila naik motor dia tu jv letak big folder tgh2 supaya bila dia selekoh or break agency, dada jv tak berlaga ngn badan dia.Masa tu masih innocent,As much as I wanted to hold on to the extra money,i started to feel rimas and tak elok bagi mamat tu harapan and used him,As i expected, my 120 rm weekly ended the moment I told him I am not ready to date.. There goes my extra income, nasib baik sempat saved total 1000rm. kaya benor rasa masa tu.

Of all interview jv pegi there were fews yg jv remembered the most.Kat Malaysia nak mintak keja kena jawab soalan yg bukan2, yg tak related dgn keja yg kita , kerja mak bapak,beramai adik beradik,income dia org, and kelulusan sekolah tu dah mesti. punya ler banyak jer interview yg jv pegi, tak satu pun dapat.then ada satu insurance company ni advertised on front page.Its Oriental insurance, cari receptionist, bayo gaji 400rm, banyak tu,all this while isi borang answering the truth, tak pernah dapat, I wanted the job so badly,i decided to lie in the application form about my parents occupation.Tak ingat apa jv tulis,but I know, jv tak tulis keja mak penoreh getah and abah pemandu lori. Bila the chinese interviewed me, dia tanya,apa keja mak and abah,Jv tak terpikir ler dia akan tanya soalan tu,and terlupa apa yg jv isi kat borang tu,jv kata mak typist and abah cikgu, rasanyler kot,jv tak ingat dah lama benor, what ever it was,memang jv bohong masa jawab soalan tu. The officer tu tgk borng yg ada depan mata tu and told me"but that is not what you wrote here!Jv tanya ler balik china mata sepet ,dgn cermin mata beso tu"Really? what did i write there? while my hand try to grab the form from his hand nak tgk!but china tu sempat tarik balik dari tgn jv sebelum jv sempat tgk apa yg jv tulis. Sad to say I left the place with huge disspointment.After that my life back to struggling again.

If before gaji 150 rm tu just ngam2,this time jv mengelabah sikit sebab I have enrolled for night classes,Lepas keja jv kena jln all the way to Jln Bandar and attend the class and walked back to Keramat,It was a long walk back then comes to think about it.Feeling so tired jln back and forth, i was not able to pay attention lansung apa yg cikgu ajor,typing,shorhands,marketing and office management,mata dah blur,telinga dah tersumbat,bila masuk kelas tu,tapi jv pegi juga habis kan kursus tu for one year, Sat for the test,and failed miserably,there goes my secreterial cert.Have to settle for a receptionist till when,Allah knew only.Then there was interview, required me to list down my acedemic qualification from seekolah rendah to the highest.sikit punya beso colum tu jv ingat.Dlm hati kata,'aku punya qualification 3 jer, sekola rendh and SPM,and SRP.
During interview tu mamat tu tanya jv"You masuk U?Jv kata masuk"masuk! then dia tanya 'You buat apa masuk U tu? Jv kata 'Beli air tebu! dia kata"What do you mean" jv kata masuk U masa pesta konvo,sebab boss bawak  masa tu jv keja org gaji!dia angguk kepala.Then dia kata 'mana copy of your SPM cert? JV kata"Dah buang? dia tanya balik"why buang?masa tu jv dah naik baran dah. rasa nak ku rogol jer china ni, tapi tak der nafsu masa tu, nasib baik cina tu, kalau tak kan dah jadi mangsa rogol gadis melayu masa tu.
Then jv tenong dia and told him" china,Tew Na Seng you, celakA punya cina,I wrote there SPM pangkat 3, you think I lied?you think I would framed it and carry every where? there are so many people out there with a degree,and my SPM cert pangkat 3 tu worthless, sapa mau tgk? lu gila ker? Bodoh punya cina tak cebok!! ternganga cina tu! then I walked away.

So i was back to a 150 rm job,jv cuba2 ler juga nak bodek cina2 kat office tu, sekali tu musim rambutan,jv balik kg, mak ngn abah dah petik rambutan seguni for me to bawak gi office,masa tu jv tak pernah keluar mana lagi,jv ingat rambutan KL tak berbulu, jv malu nak bawak rambutan tu pegi office sebab berbulu,jadi jv mintak tolong ngn keluarga cukur bulu rambutan tu,berjam2 ler juga gotong royong cukur bulu rambutan dgn pisau cukur tu, sampai birat hujung jari kena getah rambutan,semua tolong kecuali mak,bila jv suruh mak tolong, mak jerit kat jv"banyak chantik ko, bulu aku , aku tak cukur, nak suruh aku cukur bulu rambutan pulak?Bayang kan cukur bulu rambutan tu sampai gondol,bukan sebiji dua, seguni lagi,Esoknya jv heret ler seguni rambutan gondol tu, dari kg ke bus stop the kerumah.Next morning tak kan nak jln kaki,nak heret seguni rambutan, kena ler naik bus mini,bengkek jer the bus passenger masa tu,bila sampai office, jv buka guni tu, laa hodoh bebenor rupa rambutan yg gondol yg penat jv cukur tu,Toya jer jv offer kat cina admin tu,cina tu terperanjat tgk rambutan tu kecut semcm, and bila jv bagi tau sebabnya, cina tu cakap ngn jv"Lu gila punya org! Pas tu serik dah, tak der dah  nak bodek sesapa, and for a few years ler juga jv tak balik kg sebab tak mampu.

Then new year came, the office announced pay cut. My take home was 150, i was already almost minus at that time, and they cut another 20 rm from my pay, stuck in the office for 8 hours a day, tak leh buat apa, jv jadi gabra,tak tau apa lagi nak buat,Then jv dapat keja as a advertising executive, selling ad space for Berita Hartanh, the only property magazine published by SK Brothers at that time. No pay ,commission base only, dia
 org bagi 15% commision for every ad jv sold. Decided to berhenti keja receptionist tu and took that job. ingat senang, rupanya lagi susah hidup, if keja recept ada gaji walaupun sikit, bole ler bayor sewa,Keja ni jv kena buat marketing, collection, delivaries distribution and mcm2 lagi, kena clock in and out, and buat report.job description was to approach homeowner yg nak jual rumah suruh dia advertise dlm magazine tu. its free, jv kena ambik gambo and develop guna duit sendiri, the Company cuma bagi platform jer.Man!! I tell you that was one tough job.Seumur hidup jarang bergambor, pegang camera pun tak pernah,ni nak kena ambik gambo,bior beno sikit, tapi terdesak punya pasal jv took the job.Nasib baik ada saving 1000 rm masa tu, tu ler yg jv guna tanggung diri sementara nak dapat sales.Ingat lagi satu rumah jv guna 3 rolls of filem,tak pernah dapat ambik gambo the whole house,always, tiang ler, tingkat ler, every corner of the house jv ambik except the whole house, the 1st month tu dapat closed satu deal jer,dapat ler 30 tooks 3 moths to get the commision,by the time the homeowner agree with the artwork and everything, 3 bulan baru dapat,tu pun kalau dia org bayo,Then jv start tak bayo sewa, balik tgh mlm pamjat balcony belakang, tak berani masuk ikut pintu depan, tak nak tuan rumah tunggu, dah mcm pencuri, memang mencuri pun rasany, tapi nak buat mcm mana, hidup terdesak.4 5 bulan ler juga jv keja advertising Ex tu!.

Ok ler, cukup ler setakat ni jv berceloteh, nanti kalau tak penat jv sambung semula,till then, be safe, stay positif and be generous frens!! Celoteh Joyah Vegas

Friday, July 20, 2012

My housemates

A'salam,selamat tghhari,mlm dan pagi to all pembaca budiman,JV nak ucapkan selamat berpuasa to all muslim,semuga Ramadan kali ini lebih bermakna dari tahun2 sebelumnya.InsyAllah. Bulan puasa , jv jaeang sekali 2sahur, kalau sahurpun stakat seteguk air or sesudu dua cereal,kalau hari2 biasa pun jv tak makan pagi, cuma makan pukul 4 ptg, inikan pulak ler bula puasa nak kena makan pukul 4 to 5 pagi, tak terbuka mulut , nasib baik ler kenangkan anak2 dara yg so excited nak berpuasa, terpaksa ler bangun bersama dgn dia org, teman dia org sahur.One thing that I always remember masa kechik hidup susah dulu, segarang2 mak, she always bangun pagi kepalkan nasi , and niatkan and sembur utk kita org sahur, dgn minum seteguk air teh chap durian yg bungkus kala oren, Mak bancuh se koleh, tak bergula pun,kungsi 8 adik beradik, pas telan nasi  kepal ngn seteguk teh tawar tu then  kita org tidur. So jv ni kononya nak support anak2 bangun sahur,nasib baik dia org makan cereal ngn susu, kalau tak satu keja ler jv nak kepal nasi nak suruh dia org telan, ada yg tak puasa dia org nanti. Whatever it is, banyak kenangan manis masa jv membersar kat hutan dan zaman remaja bodoh dulu. The very least jv ada tempat berteduh walaupun bocor  sana sini. Kalau hujan,air menitik, jv tadah periuk,besen,cerek and cawan, apa saja yg bole capai kat rumah sekangkang kera tu.Masa hujan lebat le jv ambik kesempatan mandi ngn air hujan, tadah kepala kat hujung cucur atap bumbung tu, bagi basah rambut,then sapu ngn sabun cap kapak,then hulur kepala keluar,bila air hujan mencurah jatuh dari bumbung rumah , bila gosok rambut tu mcm2 ada atas kepala, daun, abuk atap,maklumler air tak bertapiskan,,jadi ler mcm shower org putih sekarang.,jv rasa tentu ada org putih nampak jv mandi masa dlm hutan dulu, sebab tu dia org invented the shower head. Kalau jv bijak masa dulu, dah lama dah jv apply patent rights,.

Hari ni jv nak sambung cerita duduk rumah mak chik tu, jv panggil dia mak ngah,kita org tak banyak bual, jv cuma dengo cerita dia jer, kekdg jv kesian kat dia kesunyian, dia terllalu sayangkan  anak perepuan dia tu, sehingga anak tu bermaharaja lela,Dia ajak jv main kutu,60 rm sebulan,for 10 people and ten months.gaji jv 150 rm sebulan, nak kata NO, tak sampai hati,tolak duit sewa dgn duit kutu, I was left with 30rm.tolak tambang bus 20rm,tinggal 10 rm.lagi ler kena ikat perut.but some how by miracle,I made it with that amount, tak pernah pinjam duit org, sebab masa tu tak kenal sapa pun.bila sampai turn jv dapat duit kutu, mak ngah kata dia nak pakai duit tu, so all 10 bulan tu jv bayor mak ngah 120 instead 60, then dia kata dia tak duit nak bayo,so jv halalkan ker.dispointed ler juga, tapi nak kata apa kan? org dah bagi tumpang rumah.Since then, jv tak main dah kutu dgn sesapa pun,buat penat jer.Mak ngah tu rasanya dia kesian ngn jv juga sebab anak dia tak layan ngn jv, so dia tolong carikan bilik sewa utk jv kat tempat lain.Yg tu jv kenang budi dia, I think dia baik hati, cuma tak berdaya nak tolong, her life was too consumed with anger and bitterness with her ex husband,so much so she can not look forward.

Then she heard my pak ngah"s another ex wife dotter looking for housemate , dia duduk kat Kg Baru, I was so happy to hear that sebab Kg Baru lagi dekat dgn pejabat, jimat 20 rm sebulan, I was thinking bole ler makan mewah sikit with that saving.Mak Ngah kata dia nak kena interview dulu.Sewa dia 50rm sebulan, rumah setinggan jer.So we went there, dia kenalkan diri and interview jv,we are suppose to be cousin,but the way she interviewed me mcm nak mintak keja pegawai. Jv jawab jer soalan yg dia tanya, dulu jv bodoh, sedor diri merempat, and so desparate nak cari tempat tinggal, so jv bior jer org tunjuk taring, kalau sekrg cuba tunjuk eksen, jv bagi sebiji.Jv ingat lagi very sweet looking, curly hair and fair skin.But i can sense kesombogan dia, during the interview. After a week ,she came back and told my mak ngah, she can not accept me as her house mate because I look weired and kg.I was not upset with her reason but more  dispointed of not able to find another place to live with my budget,so dudk ler lagi rumah mak ngah for another 6 moths kot until she found me a place not far from her house, just seberang sungai.So she help me pack, tak der apa pun, 4 helai baju kurung, seheali tuala mandi a tooth brush and a tooth paste.Ingat lagi masuk dlm grocery bag .

My 3rd place,rumah kedai, the indonesian old man and the very young wife was the owner,dudk kat ground floor, they ran a weeding rental stuff, business must be doing very well sebab dia ada mercedez,Top floor tu sepatutnya 2 bilik,tapi dia buat partition jadikan 3 bilik,Dia sediakan double decker katil besi, satu katil sewa 60 rm, no tilam, no bantal.just a partiton no doors,ada ler langsir buruk,and no fan.My mak ngah tak offer bantal or blanket pun,never bother to ask, walaupun dia tau jv tak der duit,duit kutu yg patut dapat 600 tu pun dai tak sebut apa pun.Throughout this journey, I never feel sedih,stress or takut, tak rasa apa pun.Maybe jv never expect anything from anybody,masa kechik tak expect adik beradik tolong bila kena pukul,bila merantau pun jv tak terpikir pun akan ada org tolong.the other two bilik lengkap dgn tilam ,bantal,and kipas, consider fully furnished, ada 8 org yg keja dgn UTM.Masa tu UTM masih kat jalan gurney, most of them gaji 800 sebulan, gaji jv 150.but i was the only one yg bole cakap roomate tu ada 2 org keja kilang, they made the same amount with overtime.all of them ada 4 bantal and one bantal peluk,there i was tidur atas tilam besi, with my baju kurung yg bawak dari kg as my bantal.No even one of them offer me their bantal.Bear in mind these are perempuan melayu yg pakai tudung, alim sembayang tak tinggal,lepas balik keja dia org ambik upah jahit baju, almost all of them, I just watch.and they just watch  me tidur atas katil besi no kipas,no tilam and no bantal, Few times,panas sgt,so stuffy, nak buka tingkap,nyamuk masuk, nak rasa sejuk, jv tidur berdiri peluk tiang katil besi tu,bila pagi bangun, leher kejang, ambik masa 30 minit ler juga nak pusing tengkuk pelahan2 tu.

There were 12 of us in that house, 9 dapur minyak tanah,8 of them brg semua masuk dlm bilik, my roomae yg keja kilang tu tak der dapur, dia org tak masak, cuma ada almari plastik dia org mangga siap,jv tak mapu nak beli apa2 kecuali dapur and minya tanah, sekali beli, penuhkan mangkuk dapur tu, the next day nak masak minya tanah tu dah kering, tak tau sapa, sebab dapur tu kat luar ,some of them jv tgk jarang beli minyak tanah, tapi makanan mcm ada dlm bilik, lepas masak dia org bawak masuk bilik and makan sesama dia org.One of the lady beli tv, sapa nak tgk kena byo 30 sen sehari, banyak tu for me, tak mampu jv, kekadg kalau jv nak pegi bilik air, her tv tgh on, jv jeling tgk nak tegur dia, dia terus tutup tv tu, and said tv hanya utk org yg bayo sewa, tak bayo sewa tak bole tgk.So jv acknowled jer ler, nak kata apa, dah tak mampu,buat ler tak mampukan.

There were times jv  lambat bayo sewa, jv kena balik pukul 1 pagi, takut terserempak dgn tuan rumah,lepas keja lepak ler kat bus stop,dudk atas bench tu, tunggu lepas magrib,isyak and tgh mlm,tgk bas dtg dan pergi, kekadg, cium bau durian, dari awal musim sampai ler habis musim, for a few years ler juga jv tak rasa makan bila musim buah, Seingat jv sekali jer yg jv mintak duit dgn abah 100 rm, masa baru2 sampai, sebab mak chik tu guna duit jv.Klau jv beli ubat gigi , tak sampai seminggu, kesep terus ubat gigi tu, jv rasa some of them nak jimat minyak dapur dia org,dia org masak guna dapur jv, berus gigi guna my toothpaste,mandi guna sabun mandi jv, and my syampo.tapi jv tak pernah tanya,jv asume and halal jer,

Kalau bulan puasa, mcm2 dia org masak, jv tgk jer telan air liur, bila dapur habis minya memanjang, jv stop cooking and mula balik makan roti, rumah tu tak jauh dari masjid keramat, every ramadan dia org berterawih, jv tak pernah pegi, lepas buka dgn roti ngn air tawar , tu jv terus tidur atas katil besi.At that time jv rasa hidup terlalu susah,sebab tidur atas katil besi yg tak bertlam tu sakit badan, nak tidur atas simen, sakit kepala, lelam I get use to it, tidur atas katil besi,So the whole ramdan biasan jv tak sahur, buka sebuku roti ngn air tawar. I do not know whether my puasa tu diterima ker tidak, jv tawakal jer ler.towards the end tu puasa was getting harder and harder for me,by the 20th day tu, badan dah rasa melayang semcm, mata pun dah kabur,sebab tak der protin dan zat dlm badan.Dah cukup ler celloteh hari pertama Ramadan ni.Stay good and generous frens, please. take care yer!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nak Makan Tapi Nak Kurus?

Nak kuruih tapi nak jugak makan kari nasi kandaq? Meh ler tengok video teman nie...


3 shallots - finely chopped
2 cups of Far-Free Low Sodium chicken broth (1 cup of broth has 15 calories only)
2 tablespoon of garlic powder (sodium free)
1 tablespoon of pepper
1 tablespoon of parsley flakes
2 tablespoon of paprika or chili powder
1/2 tablespoon of ground ginger
3/4 cup of Malaysian curry powder (my favourite is ADABI curry powder)
3 tablespoon of Low-Fat cream or coconut milk (1 tablespoon has 30 calories)
4 average size Chicken breasts which has about 360 calories (Use white meat if you are on a losing weight program because dark meat like thigh and drumstick has more fat in it. An average size of uncooked chicken breast is 3 oz. and has about 90 calories)
Sea salt to taste